RDM+ Remote Desktop for Palm Devices

RDM Remote DesktopSHAPE Services has updated their remote desktop client for Palm OS. RDM+ Remote Desktop enables you to remotely access your home or laptop computer even through NAT and firewalls. You can send and receive emails, surf web, edit documents in word processor, copy, cut, paste files or folders and do hundreds other things that you typically do sitting in front of your home or office computer. RDM+ uses strong encryption protocols to securely connect to your Windows XP or Vista computer. The latest version brings full Centro support and a number of usability improvements.

RDM+ v3.6.6 for Palm OS is available now for $34.95 USD. It comes with a fully functional seven day trial.

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yeah... whatever

VampireLestat @ 12/10/2007 7:20:29 PM # Q
At current carrier data plan prices, it would cost... oh I dunno... maybe around 50$ to open Word on your desktop!

Something has got to be done about these colluding carriers.

RE: yeah... whatever
VampireLestat @ 12/10/2007 7:22:37 PM # Q
Palm and Google should team up and lobby the government to deregulate the cell phone towers and force new competition in the market.

Palm/Google could then resell a carrier service.
I am a never ending source of great ideas huh? ;)

RE: yeah... whatever
VampireLestat @ 12/10/2007 7:23:18 PM # Q

* subliminal message *

RE: yeah... whatever
sford @ 12/10/2007 7:32:59 PM # Q
I have Sprint, which offers $15/month for unlimited data usage. Is that not good? Or is it that other carriers offer something less reasonable?

Pilot Pro, III, IIIe, Nino (yeah...oops!), IIIc, VIIx, m505, NR70V, NZ90, NX60, T3, Zire 72s, NX80V, Treo 90, Treo 650
RE: yeah... whatever
VampireLestat @ 12/10/2007 9:27:05 PM # Q
Sprint is the ONLY exception.
And that is only in the US of A.
Here in Canada will still have to break the iron fist grip of Rogers/Fido and Bell Canada.

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MIA on company site

justrick @ 12/11/2007 8:58:15 AM # Q
Any idea why the Palm version is nowhere to be found on the developer's Web site?

What a long, strange trip it's been...
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I beg to differ than most of you.

bestoverall @ 12/11/2007 10:59:23 AM # Q
Yeah it's a little confusing. You have to install exe file on your desktop and also install prc on your Palm device. Then you have to wait for a confirmation email from the developer that your desktop is registered in their system. But once it's hooked up, it is great. I can use whatever my desktop has on the computer including Explorer or any other brower you want without any limitation. The refresh rate is very good with EVDO. And the corporate firewall doesn't seem like an issue for me.

I finally have a workaround for getting a fully functional web brower on my Centro although the screen on Centro is too small to comfortably navigate. If Palm can only come out a wide aspect screen on a Centro form factor, this software will be alot more useful.

Semi-OT:RE: I beg to differ than most of you.
SeldomVisitor @ 12/11/2007 11:17:38 AM # Q
I wonder how it would appear to work if the application was running on a computer on the other side of the earth?

This mindgame brought to you courtesy of a different lifetime of mine where we had the task to present "realtime" financial information retrieved from dynamic relational databases but do it on consoles around the world. When we had the (X-Windows) applications running on consoles local to the users the dynamic nature of the data required multiple passes through the databases back and forth from the single location in The States. The user experience was essentially intolerable. The local application was then changed to simply be a DISPLAY one - all applications were ACTUALLY run back in The States with just the X-interaction sent around the world. Though there still were some bizarro user-interaction side-effects of this (like using the local mouse to swipe a cursor across the display but not seeing the cursor move for a second or two), the endusers ended up being Happy Campers.

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