New Mobile Streaming Media Site BlueApple Launched

The "full" YouTube access offered by Apple's iPhone has become something of the Holy Grail when comparing the capabilities of various wireless devices and smartphones. Now a new portal site,, has quietly launched.

BlueApple offers Palm OS users full access to popular video repositories such as YouTube, Google Video, and Metacafe via the embedded "lite" version of the Kinoma Player offered by Palm beginning with the 680, 755p and Centro. The site transcodes a variety of popular online media formats (including Flash and Quicktime) to the widely-supported 3GP, 3G2 and WMV mobile-optimized codecs.

Of course, for users of older Treos as well as Palm handhelds lacking the embedded Kinoma player, I still recommend purchasing the full version of Kinoma's EX Player (reviewed here). Kinoma Player EX is now up to version 4.4 and featuring full YouTube and Google Video searching from within the app.

After using the BlueApple portal on and off for a few days, Iíve yet to come across a particular video found on the regular YouTube site thatís not mirrored here. Assuming Blueapple doesnít go the way of MTube and Mobile G-Vids, Palm users (especially those with fast EVDO or wi-fi connections) should finally be able to get their YouTube fix without having to purchase any additional software.

Furthermore, BlueApple claim to be working on a beta API to be released to mobile content developers.

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Is it like YouTube?!

mikecane @ 11/30/2007 2:41:53 PM # Q
>>>to popular video repositories such YouTub

-- probably all wet.

RE: Is it like YouTube?!
mikecane @ 11/30/2007 4:00:18 PM # Q
>>>such YouTube

It could still use an "as" in there!

RE: Is it like YouTube?!
SeldomVisitor @ 11/30/2007 4:27:44 PM # Q
> ...It could still use an "as" in there!

You have set yourself up for the obvious comeback...

RE: Is it like YouTube?!
Ryan @ 11/30/2007 4:49:10 PM # Q
Thanks Mike.
RE: Is it like YouTube?!
mikecane @ 11/30/2007 8:35:58 PM # Q
You can kill this thread now.

My work is over.


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OT: Eye-Fi - can Palm users use this for something?

Gekko @ 12/1/2007 4:10:47 PM # Q
RE: OT: Eye-Fi - can Palm users use this for something?
numlock @ 12/1/2007 6:50:59 PM # Q
would be nice, but isn't this just made for digital cameras?
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