TCPMP v0.70 Released

The Core Pocket Media Player (TCPMP) has been updated to version 0.70. The update features a large number of bug fixes and some new features. TCPMP is a free and open source video and media player. It supports Mpeg, Divx, Xvid, H.264, mp3 and ogg formats. This new version also includes support for enhanced podcasts (m4a with image slideshow).

The download site for TCPMP can now be found here.

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legodude522 @ 11/17/2005 3:38:35 PM # Q
Most definately the best video player ever for Palm OS and PPC.

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fierywater @ 11/17/2005 11:23:49 PM # Q
100% agreed.

budrowilson @ 11/21/2005 2:34:10 PM # Q
I tried an earlier version of TCPMP and was not terribly impressed with its abilities. It would play *most* of the videos I threw at it, but it played a most of those at half-speed or it had other video/audio sync problems.

Fast-forward to today. The TCPMP is everything I wanted it to be. It now plays everything I throw at it flawlessly. The development is so promising for this program, I can't wait to see what it can do next (but even if they stopped right now, it'd still be one hell of a program).


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The best it is!

auto194419 @ 11/17/2005 4:19:47 PM # Q
Actually it also plays (well, at least tries to) H.264/AVC, but the CPU in my T|T3 is hopelessly subpar for that.
RE: The best it is!
LiveFaith @ 11/18/2005 1:38:24 PM # Q
My goodness, what would a H.264/AVC formatted DVD take? 12-14GB? I think that's a bit overkill on the little HVGA isn't it?

Pat Horne;
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No -m4a support :(

Smoother @ 11/17/2005 5:01:37 PM # Q
install.htm says:

"tcpmp_aac_plugin.prc: AAC audio, playback of non-protected .m4a and .mp4 files. (removed!)"

"AAC decoder (binary) was removed from the official install package because of intellectual property considerations."

RE: No -m4a support :(
Arnage @ 11/17/2005 6:04:37 PM # Q
the old plugin should still work if you don't mind the "intellectual property considerations" and you can find the old one.

Luckily i don't encode in aac so it's no problem for me :P

RE: No -m4a support :(
sremick @ 11/18/2005 1:38:46 AM # Q
Wouldn't you know, the one video on my T3 right now is an MP4 file with AAC audio. :(

Unfortunately I don't know where to get the "old plugin"

RE: No -m4a support :(
M3wThr33 @ 11/18/2005 4:08:56 AM # Q
I tried using the old AAC file. TCPMP just freaks out and tells you it's voodoun.
So uhm, yeah. AAC's out of the picture for a while.

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RE: No -m4a support :(
Arnage @ 11/18/2005 5:58:34 AM # Q
sorry, that trick worked with the previous test versions, didn't test it with 0.70. Guess you'll have to wait for them to get the legal stuff sorted...

RE: No -m4a support :(
Galley_SimRacer @ 11/18/2005 10:44:47 AM # Q
Kinoma Player EX plays unprotected .m4a AAC files as well as MPEG-4 video. It's reasonably priced at $20.

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RE: No -m4a support :(
tooele @ 11/18/2005 6:50:20 PM # Q
You can find the AAC plugin here.

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RE: No -m4a support :(
Pathdoc @ 11/18/2005 8:53:41 PM # Q
The AAC plugin is working for a lot of people. Make certain when you install the new version that you delete the old and the old plugins and reinstall them. Simply installing over the old causes problems.

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RE: No -m4a support :(
paulefty @ 3/6/2006 5:30:15 AM # Q
hey guys i need some help here. i've got the AAC plugin, but when i try to play .mp4 files, there will be an error:
Player: Audio codec (Windows Media Audio) not supported by the player!
Player: Audio codec (Windows Media Video 9) not supported by the player!

how do i solve this? i have uninstalled and then reinstalled all the plugins including the AAC one, (that supposedly allows us to playback .mp4 files) but still it doesnt playback .mp4 files! i'm using a Tungsten T3 here, help please! oh yes, please reply back on the forum, and email me at thanks.


RE: No -m4a support :(
paulefty @ 3/6/2006 5:37:28 AM # Q
oh yes the .mp4 file i have, i simply (when downloading a .wmv file) changed the filename to "untitled.mp4", and changed the bottom selection from "windows media audio/video" to "all files". is that the problem?

and do you guys have any idea where to find the plugin for TCPMP to playback windows media audio/video files?

thanks guys.
please reply quick here, and send me an email at too. thanks alot


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Windoz too !

FredLL @ 11/18/2005 3:28:44 AM # Q
TCPMP has also been ported to Windoz : speak of a lightweight and extensive media player !!!

RE: Windoz too !
Surur @ 11/18/2005 5:40:09 AM # Q
Ah grasshopper. Little do you know TCMP started on Windows Mobile as Betaplayer, and was eventually ported to PalmOS only within the last year.


RE: Windoz too !
Arnage @ 11/18/2005 5:56:49 AM # Q
Actually i think he meant to say that there's a desktop-windows version =) (that one ís new)

RE: Windoz too !
sr4 @ 11/18/2005 8:12:36 AM # Q
You are right. My apologies, and thank you for making me aware of this development.


RE: Windoz too !
LiveFaith @ 11/18/2005 9:52:33 AM # Q

:-D Well, hey, gotta take whatever presents itself to present the glories of WinMob. That was funny. :-D

Pat Horne;

RE: Windoz too !
Surur @ 11/18/2005 9:56:13 AM # Q
Pat, give me a few hours and I will construct a bulletproof argument how porting TCMP to Windows was inevitable, and due to the ineffable superiority of WM, which will in the end save mankind and feed hungry children ;)


RE: Windoz too !
ocspub @ 11/18/2005 12:17:12 PM # Q
> Pat, give me a few hours and I will construct a
> bulletproof argument how porting TCMP to Windows
> was inevitable, and due to the ineffable superiority
> of WM, which will in the end save mankind and feed
> hungry children ;)

Wait -- the $100 laptop from MIT that's supposed to save mankind doesn't run Windows or Windows Mobile!



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RE: Windoz too !
sr4 @ 11/18/2005 1:07:18 PM # Q

That $100 laptop is really crazy. Its probably at least $200 in parts, like a Tx. They may as well have given out PDA's instead of these special purpose devices.


RE: Windoz too !
LiveFaith @ 11/18/2005 1:40:47 PM # Q

You're scarin' me now. I feel some serious geek radiation buzzing of of that! : - 0

Actually, it will be AcceLinux OS that will rule the world. I hear they pushed the clipboard limit out to nearly 2,000 characters now!

Pat Horne;

RE: Windoz too !
sr4 @ 11/18/2005 2:50:06 PM # Q


RE: Windoz too !
Foo Fighter @ 11/18/2005 3:06:54 PM # Q
Ugh! Am I the only one growing tired of all the Microsoft/Windows bashing? If I read another subject line with Windoz, M$, Micro$oft, MicroSloth, Winblows, or some other colorful variation of spelling, I will puke. Jeez's just software. Get over it. I use multiple platforms daily (OSX, XP, Linux, even Solaris on occasion). Windows is just another operating system. Once upon a time Windows bashing was considered "politically correct". Now it just makes you look like a newbie.

Contributing Editor,
RE: Windoz too !
dboehme @ 11/18/2005 3:29:37 PM # Q
MicroShaft...puke away. :)

RE: Windoz too !
ackmondual @ 11/29/2005 5:44:58 PM # Q
sr4, surur? Man, whatever happened to picking a username and sticking with it?

BTW, M$ isn't quite bashing towards microsoft as I understand it. It's just a way to distinguish Memory Stick from Microsoft (back when there were more hardcore Clie users). I guess Microsoft got the '$' because they have more of it :p In many cases, you could tell by context, but I kinda like the M$

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RE: Windoz too !
Surur @ 11/29/2005 6:30:56 PM # Q
sr4, surur? Man, whatever happened to picking a username and sticking with it?

My original user name got banned a long time ago (over an "AYBBTU" joke I think). I recently checked and the ban had expired!! I still wont dare post at 1src however ;(


They said I only argued for the sake of arguing, but after an hour I convinced them they were wrong...

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DVD encoder for Mac?

ten_iron @ 11/18/2005 2:05:44 PM # Q
The DVD encoding software linked from their page is for Windows only.

Any good Mac DVD encoders out there?

RE: DVD encoder for Mac?
Colonel Panic @ 11/18/2005 6:32:12 PM # Q
Try Handbrake (free download, available by searching on

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TCPMP wont play mp4 video!!

nio_7 @ 5/29/2008 12:48:03 PM # Q
i have a problem with tcpmp player 0.72RC1, I have a PPC with wm5
(Mitac MioP550) and i have installed the mp4 aac codec for tcpmp, but it still wont play mp4 video. I get the Error: "Player: Video Codec (AVC aka H.264) not supported by the player!" And when i click ok on that, the video play but i can only hear the sound (that is probablly in aac format) but no video!
Any help?????????

RE: TCPMP wont play mp4 video!!
nio_7 @ 5/29/2008 1:14:29 PM # Q
I managed to fix that in a way..
i also installed those codecs:

AC3 Plugin 0.72RC1
FFMPEG Plugin 0.72RC1
FLAC Plugin 0.72RC1
Speex Plugin 0.72RC1
Vorbislq Plugin 0.72RC1
WavPack Plugin 0.72RC1

and made a soft reset after install.

I have video now, but it plays really toooo slow and stops every 5-10 frames for a while... :( Looks like my 400MHz Arm is not powerfull enough to play it.

Anyone knows a mp4 player that works better??

RE: TCPMP wont play mp4 video!!
Ryan @ 5/29/2008 2:01:53 PM # Q
The much improved version of TCPMP is called CorePlayer and it is available here:

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audio codec

lukamunga @ 2/8/2009 4:47:16 PM # Q
I just got my first palm about a month ago so I'm new to all this. Bear with me. I'm having the same problem as about everyone else. how do I get soud on my tcpmp. error: audio codec (windows media audio) not supported my the player. Can someone help me out? tell me where the codec is please?

RE: audio codec
twrock @ 2/8/2009 10:00:07 PM # Q
One option is to see the above reference to CorePlayer:

According to their information, the following formats are supported:
# Video: CoreAVC (H.264), AVCHD, MKV, MPEG-1, MPEG-4 part 2 (ASP), DivX, XviD, MJPEG, MSVIDEO1

Or, you can look for some piece of software that can convert your WMA files into a format that TCPMP supports. Here's one option for Windows:

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