YouTube Begins Mobile Video Uploads

YouTube, a video content sharing website, has just launched a service that allows people to upload videos directly from their mobile phones and PDAs to the YouTube Web site.

YouTube Mobile Video from Treo PDAThere has been an explosion of mobile devices that capture high quality video such as many camera equipped handhelds, Treos and mobile phones. Now, people can share important experiences as they happen and where they happen breaking news can be uploaded immediately, bands can share tour footage with their fans from the road, and curiosities captured can be viewed across the globe instantly.

Uploading and sharing video is easy, and requires the following:

  • A mobile device that can take video and send Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) messages or emails.
  • Internet access or a data plan from a service provider. YouTube currently supports uploads from the Cingular, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon wireless networks; and
  • A YouTube member account

YouTube members can create a mobile profile from any PC here. Once the profile is set up, members who have a cell phone equipped with a video camera can simply send that content via email to YouTube, where it is immediately published into their profile and shared with family and friends.

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legodude522 @ 5/11/2006 6:37:24 PM # Q
-Cries- LOL I wanty Treo 700p now.

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limits on sending data via mms?

joad @ 5/12/2006 4:17:16 PM # Q
Don't the carriers impose pretty strict limitations on filesize sent via MMS?

This could be a very clever direction IF sizes aren't unreasonably limited, content is reasonably searchable and not unreasonably censored.

From what I remember of Youtube, it's loaded with all sorts of javascript and other garbage that makes navigating it tedious. Hopefully they'll streamline it if they gain popularity.

RE: limits on sending data via mms?
Ryan @ 5/12/2006 4:25:40 PM # Q
there may be limitations on mms size, and also data charges.

I believe you can get around that by using email. Apparently this service simply assigns you a unique email account that you send the videos to so mms is not the only option to send your video upload.

It would be nice if google video provided a palm video upload app.

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