VoiceSecureIt v2.0 Released

VoiceSecureIt - Palm OSVoice-It Technologies have released version 2.0 of their VoiceSecureIt program for the Palm OS. VoiceSecureIt is currently the only biometric voice security application for Palm OS devices. In short, the software permits Palm OS users to quickly secure their devices via a short voice phrase in lieu of typing or entering in character-based passwords. Version 2.0 adds Treo 700p compatibility along with an overhauled UI for improved ease of use. VoiceSecureIt does offer conventional password "backdoor" access should the need arise as well as numerous security settings that can be altered to suit the users’ individual needs.

VoiceSecureIt is available for $24.95. It is currently on sale for $19.95 until the end of September. Bulk quantity licensing discounts are available for institutional or corporate use.

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