LightWav PRO v1.7 Released

LightWav Pro is a custom Treo ringtone and picture/video ID manager from ToySoft. It has a number of detailed calling features that allow you to create custom mp3/ogg/wav ringtones, assign custom picture caller ID and Video caller ID and caller ID and SMS blocking. It is also the only program that offers full screen picture caller ID. This update includes new remote sms locking if you device is lost, custom Pickup+Hangup times and other small updates.

LightWav Pro - Treo mp3 ringtoneVersion 1.7 updates include:

  • Fixed: DND send friendly SMS when you press the keys 1 to 9 when you get a call
  • Fixed: DND pickup+Hangup
  • Added: Pickup+Hangup time in the General prefs. This will allow you to control the number of seconds from 1 to 8 before Lightwav hangs up the call
  • Added: More detail logging
  • Added: Pickup + Hangup for Group ringtones
  • Added: Live icon for PictureID view screen
  • Added: Block all sms in the SMS screen. If this is enabled you will not receive any SMS
  • Added: System locking via SMS block. You can send an sms to lock your treo
  • Added: Info icon on the main PictureDial screen
  • Updated: Lightwav icon

LightWav Pro v1.7 is available now with a free trial. It sells for $24.95 USD.

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