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Palm Design DudesAmidst all of the continuing coverage of the lead up to the Palm Pre launch, comes two new articles which shed light on the design and development process behind the Pre. Elevation's Favorite rag, Forbes, has posted an article which includes comments from four of the Palm engineers (Matias Duarte, Mike Bell, Peter Skillman and Michael Abbott.) on the Pre's design team. The story also includes a little history lesson as well as some interesting tidbits on the inspiration behind the development process.

Another interesting piece on the same theme comes from the UXbyDesign blog. They have posted an interview with Michelle Koh who was responsible for designing various components of the WebOS user interface including the universal search, phone and contact applications.

Thanks to Ron and Engadget for the tip.

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Nice to see the techs getting some credit!

CFreymarc @ 6/5/2009 11:29:35 AM # Q
This was a good article. I'm sure all of these guys will have that rock band style photo on their office and den walls for years to come. Way too often, a breaktrough product comes out with the creators staying almost unknown except those in the company.

Hope they all move on working at twice to three times their salary and reward package in the new few years. Better, they will run their own outfits.

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