Palm Pre Goes On Exhibition In London

Playbite logoIf that headline got your hopes up, allow us to cruelly dash them: no, this is not the official launch for the European Palm Pre. Rather, the upcoming invitation-only Playbite technology trade show in London is being billed by Palm's PR department as the chance for the UK tech press to get a first look at the hotly-anticipated GSM Pre, which is hopefully a sign that the official launch is not far off.

Of course, the more cynical side of us wonders whether or not Palm will allow journalists to actually touch the Pre, given how jealously guarded it was in the run-up to its American debut. Playbite is taking place at the Congress Centre on Great Russell Street in London on September 15th. You can catch Sky News' coverage of the event here as it breaks and find further information on Playbite's page.

Thanks to PC Advisor for the tip.

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