MP3 on the Palm Tungsten T

Aerodrome Software has released AeroPlayer v1.0, AeroPlayer turns your handheld into a portable music player by playing digital audio files such as mp3's stored on an expansion card.

Aeroplayer provides CD-quality stereo sound through the headset jack, or can play through the internal speaker. It supports mp3 and Ogg/Vorbis files. Additional features include, playlist support, background playback, and auto screen-shut off and customizable skins that change the look of the program.

The software was the first audio program to take advantage of the new sound features on the Palm Tungsten T. It had been in public beta for months as features were added and bugs ironed out.

Aeroplayer mp3Aeroplayer only runs on the Palm Tungsten T and requires at least 150k of free memory. Audio files can be transferred through hotsync or with an external card reader. The app is $16 shareware.

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Excellent program

alanjrobertson @ 2/4/2003 11:18:15 AM #
I've been using AeroPlayer for the past few weeks now & it's an excellent program with some very nice features.

I'd like to point out that it's not 'CD-quality sound' though - in fact no player on the Tungsten can even come close to CD-quality until Palm, Inc. release the audio patch! (audio on the Tungsten is optimised for speech, so music doesn't have a the full dynamic range and sounds a bit muffled). The patch is rumoured to be released this month, probably when the Real Player for Palm is released.

I've had a look at a beta version of the Real Player and so far I'd definitely stick with AeroPlayer!

There's also a Yahoo group for Aeroplayer ( which the developers regularly contribute to. Apparently some cool new features are in the offing :-)


RE: Excellent program
K. @ 2/4/2003 6:10:08 PM #
There is a rotating since beginning of January - it includes the fix. Version is unknown...

RE: Excellent program
alanjrobertson @ 2/4/2003 6:37:33 PM #
Yeah - rumour has it that it's an alpha version of the patch. The folks at Aerodrome have seen some other version of the patch and I think it was meant to have performed better. (The one that's being circulated just now fixes the audio quality, but really drops the volume)

RE: Excellent program
jjsoh @ 2/5/2003 12:22:56 AM #
: The patch is rumoured to be released this month,
: probably when the Real Player for Palm is released.

This is an interesting note. Recently at the NYC LinuxWorld Expo, I stopped by Real Networks booth and happened to ask one of the representatives about the release date of RealPlayer for Palm OS5. One person was able to confirm that a release date was set for mid-February. He also said that all Tunsten owners who registered should get an official e-mail notice about when and where they can download it. If I recall correctly, it should be free. Oh, and he also noted that in future Palm OS5 models, the RealPlayer will be bundled along with the other software normally in the CD's included (i.e. Docs to Go, Palm Reader, etc).

He also showed me RealPlayer on his Tungsten (and also his Nokia cell phone, though the exact model escapes me at the moment) and played it. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to listen to it via headphones, so I couldn't really compare against the Aeroplayer beta version I had on my Tungsten at the time. Oh well, I suppose the only way to find out is to get my hands on the RealPlayer for Palm.

Has anyone else heard of any updates recently regarding Realplayer?


RE: Excellent program
adamrichman @ 2/5/2003 10:38:28 PM #
The sound patch was released, but no Real. Just use AP as suggested.

AeroPlayer for Clies, someday...

bookrats @ 2/4/2003 11:21:15 AM #
I was interested to notice (as a Clie T665C owner) that the folks behind AeroPlayer are interested in adapting the software to Clies as well. However, they've been unable to get info from Sony regarding the MP3 APIs on the Clies.

For more details, see They're asking for interested Clie users to send (polite) notes to Sony, asking them to give AeroPlayer a call.

IMO, the Clie's AudioPlayer software is lacking in some key areas (playlists, some more configurable jog wheel configurations), and I'd be interested in paying for a 3rd party option that solves them.


"I'm warning you ... if you kill me, they'll just send 008!"

Jeff Meyer

RE: AeroPlayer for Clies, someday...
polymath @ 2/4/2003 12:14:46 PM #
If you have the latest audioplayer (v3.0), it offers the playlist, bass configuration, and other features that you are asking for.

Re: AudioPlayer 3
bookrats @ 2/4/2003 3:36:09 PM #
Any word on when AudioPlayer 3 will be available for the T665C? I haven't seen it on Sony's support page.


"I'm warning you ... if you kill me, they'll just send 008!"

Jeff Meyer


robrecht @ 2/4/2003 11:55:12 AM #
If I switch from SONY back to Palm, can I convert my ATRAC3 files to MP3s or do I need to record them anew into the MP3 format?

Thanks, Robrecht

Kesh @ 2/4/2003 4:02:37 PM #
If ATRAC3 is a lossy format (which I believe it is), you'll want to re-rip your music. Otherwise, you'd suffer a significant loss of quality converting between the two.

xolstis @ 2/4/2003 4:35:04 PM #
Frm what I understand ATRAC3 is specifically designed for copyright protection of digital music. So I doubt that you can do it. I quick search on google returned no results as well.

-the harbinger-

OT: Realplayer

kunstmann @ 2/4/2003 2:40:09 PM #
Hi all.

Browsing some foreign palm websites, I have found some interesting pages:

Photos and Download for Realplayer beta and a soundpatch for the Tungsten T.

RE: OT: Realplayer
relyons @ 2/4/2003 3:09:52 PM #
I felt brave today. :)

I installed both the FAT FS Patch and the Sound Patch in the ZIP file from that Russian site on my Tungsten T.

Music file playback now has CD audio quality using the AeroPlayer on my Tungsten T!

However, a side effect of the patch seems to be a significant drop-off in the overall volume level of the device. Setting the volume to "High" in the Preferences panel sounds like "Low" did BEFORE the patch. The volume level is almost inaudible when set to "Low".

RE: OT: Realplayer
alanjrobertson @ 2/4/2003 3:27:04 PM #
Agreed - I tried these patches a few days ago and found exactly the same - good quality, low volume. Hopefully this is just an early alpha and the final version will retain the volume!


RE: OT: Realplayer
JKingGrim @ 2/4/2003 4:44:29 PM #
The Real One Player doesn't look too interesting.

RE: OT: Realplayer
clarkent @ 2/4/2003 4:50:22 PM #
Help PLEASE!!! I installed the patches: FATFSPatch1.prc

and now I'm triying to delete them but I can't!!

You are all right, the volume degradation is terrible.

RE: OT: Realplayer
IanJD @ 2/4/2003 5:27:43 PM #
Pretty much the only way is to change the File Type for these files in something like FileZ to something neutral, eg. xxxx, reset and delete them.

RE: OT: Realplayer
relyons @ 2/4/2003 5:58:30 PM #
> Help PLEASE!!! I installed the patches:
> FATFSPatch1.prc
> HALSndLib443.prc
> and now I'm triying to delete them but I can't!!
> You are all right, the volume degradation is terrible.

We told you! Why'd you go and install it? :)

This sound patch does not seem to be a permanent change to the flash ROM. It is also not backed up during synchronization. Therefore...

Synchronize your Tungsten T first. Perform a hard reset (push and hold reset... push and hold power button... release reset... release power... push the D-pad up). Synchronize your Tungsten T again to reload the device with your data.

After I performed these steps, I'm back to loud volume on "High" in Prefs and "telephone" quality MP3 playback. The patch appears to have been removed.

RE: OT: Realplayer
K. @ 2/4/2003 6:13:27 PM #
Hard reset is not necessary.

a) go to palmgear and install filez (free)
b) look for those two files in TT's RAM and ensure these are not read only (flags: ro) - in case they are set reset that flag
c) reset your palm (pin hole) with holding the button up
d) use some file manager (even filez) to delete those files
e) reset again without holding the button
f) never install executables from unknown sources again if you don't know how to get rid of them ;-)))))


RE: OT: Realplayer
kunstmann @ 2/4/2003 8:06:23 PM #
Best of all, is that it shows people at Real and Palmsource are working on it. It's far more news that the press release palmsource made on November (which actually helped me make the decision and go for the Tungsten in the first place, instead of a Clie).

This download also makes Realplayer for windows show the palm in the devices tab, with possibility to transfer songs from it, although very slow, but works.

RE: OT: Realplayer
jjsoh @ 2/5/2003 12:35:31 AM #
I didn't notice this thread until after I posted a comment earlier ( regarding RealPlayer for Palm.

I think the safest thing to do right now is just wait for Real's official release, which is due for a release RSN. Well, according to the gentlemen at LinuxWorld. :)

Maybe the one floating around the 'net is rough around the edges? I don't know.


RE: OT: Realplayer
Ces @ 2/5/2003 7:47:55 PM #
Is it me, or is the aeroplayer ALSO affected by the low volume?? ...I hear the music quality a lot better with the patches, but there's not much volume to play with!
Its just too low!

RE: OT: Realplayer
I.M Anonymous @ 2/6/2003 2:23:01 AM #
Just FYI, the official, non-volume-reducing patch is available from

Innovation?... hardly

KyleC @ 2/4/2003 6:49:11 PM #
I just think that it was about time Palm did something with digital music. The Pocket PC has had it for years, and even Sony is including MP3 playback capability into all their handhelds. Where was Palm then?

RE: Innovation?... hardly
asiayeah @ 2/4/2003 8:14:56 PM #
Yes, I've got the TT for more than 2 months. Now the list price is cut 20% and yet the device still cannot play mp3.

Well, at least Palm has voice recording now. ;-)


With great power comes great responsiblity.

RE: Innovation?... hardly
Mengoxon @ 2/5/2003 2:48:11 AM #
Where was PocketPC and Clie when Palm came out with the Pilot? and what's your point?

I am a happy user of a Tungsten and delighted that it can play MP3s now, as well. Innovation or not... who gives a damn!

RE: Innovation?... hardly
relyons @ 2/5/2003 10:12:16 AM #
IMHO, the voice-recording feature has been LONG overdue in Palm's handhelds. I have used this feature extensively in the few weeks since I purchased my Tungsten T.

However, while I'm pleased that my Tungsten T is MP3 capable, I wonder how much I'll really use this feature.

I sit in front of a MP3 capable Windows computer 9-10 hours a day. My living room has a stereo system. My car has a radio and a CD player. At the gym, there is a TV with satellite and people for conversation.

Aside from the occasional airplane flight, I have precious few times that I want music and do not have a better machine than my Tungsten T within reach.

Are your daily routines and situations that much different than mine? How often do you really use your Palm OS device to play music? In contrast, how often do you use your Palm OS device to reference and update personal information (appointments, contacts, notes)?

I believe it has been wise that Palm has historically kept its focus on ease of use and personal information management over multimedia functionality.

RE: Innovation?... hardly
hkklife @ 2/5/2003 3:10:00 PM #
You know, I've often wondered the same thing myself. While I admit that the mp3 player *would* be nice to have on an airplane, on a train and perhaps in a waiting room, there's no way I'd risk it going jogging or anything of the sort. Besdies, I'd rather not squander my battery life doing something trivial like mp3 playing--I'd rather conserve it for playing a game ;-)

It's a nice feature but I'd gladly take more ram, better battery life, soft Grafitti area and the other usual wishlist items over mp3 capability. With that said, of course, it IS upsetting that Palm got everyone all worked up and then has constantly failed to deliver on their promises. I know that there are users out there for whom mp3 playback is the main use of their PDAs and perhaps bought a T|T solely on the hopes that Palm and Real would deliver a working solution by Dec 31st 2002. So just because you and I don't get as excited over MP3s does not mean Palm should be cut any slack or let off the hook!

RE: Innovation?... hardly
alanjrobertson @ 2/5/2003 3:38:24 PM #
I've found MP3 playback (I use AeroPlayer) pretty useful - I'm on the bus for over an hour each day so I listen to a mix of music and shows recorded off digital radio (mainly Yes Minister from BBC7). I also use it for Doc2Go (both Word & PPT files), e-mail on the move, and Plucker (for webpages). The four core Palm apps are absolutely critical too but I think I just take them for granted now! (hardly use the ToDo list though, but I should!).

Haven't really used the VoiceMemo function much - I'll need to have a play about with it. (I supposed not helped by the fact that I've reconfigured that button to launch McPhling so it takes a couple of extra taps to record things!).



RE: Innovation?... hardly
CaptMyCapt @ 2/5/2003 9:03:12 PM #
While some of you may be focused on specific functionality of 'Palm', I use my TT for everything it provides. I could not do with out its basic PIM functionality, depending on it so much that I back all my data up in three areas (desktop, Laptop, and SD card) to a fault. However, the musicablity has proven as indispensable. I fly and train a lot. I am absolutely elated that I can now leave my CD Player or MD Player and home, after filling two 128meg SDs with my favorite sounds to drown out crying babies and loud fellow passengers. And, I'll jump on any technology that makes all that better!!!! We'll all look back a few years (months?) from now and see all this as ancient. So, let's enjoy what we have now, and continue to excite the developers, third party or otherwise, to make things better.


Daz1971UK @ 2/5/2003 3:28:35 AM #
After months of deciding and waiting, I finally ordered the Tungsten after a February UK Price drop, from Micro Anvika for 255 + vat and including a 32mb sd card which I thought was a pretty good deal. Hopefully it should arrive today.

When I was making my decision I read these columns which proved very helpful.I also emailed Palm ( after having no joy through telephone) and asked about mp3 compatibility.
Palm actually made no mention of realplayer at all, and sent me a link to aeroplayer.

So does this mean that Aero is the recommended option from Palm ? Probably not officially, but Aero definately seems to be Palms choice at the moment.

Best Regards,

RE: Aeroplayer
simond @ 2/5/2003 7:40:34 AM #
You may also want to look at PocketTunes which also released a new version very recently including background play, MP3 support and a popup control console which is *very* handy. Well worth the money IMHO!

RealOne any day now...

Ghostrider @ 2/5/2003 4:54:01 PM #
And it's _almost_ official according to the RealOne site. It's allready set for upcoming devices.

Finally - Oficial SOUNDPATCH

Bytter @ 2/5/2003 8:01:42 PM #
Yo guys, check this out:

It's official, and the sound is GREAT!!!!!

Now all that I want is to have an equalizer in PT or AeroPlayer to tune up the sound :)

Finally a PATCH!!! Now waiting for the OS5.2 :P

RE: Finally - Oficial SOUNDPATCH
CaptMyCapt @ 2/5/2003 9:37:38 PM #
I just love these "comments" boards. Thanks for the heads up! I too just downloaded the patch. Ditto! It's great.


RE: Finally - Oficial SOUNDPATCH
I.M Anonymous @ 2/6/2003 2:24:08 AM #
You really want 5.2? What will you get from it, other than crippled graffiti?

RE: Finally - Oficial SOUNDPATCH
Bytter @ 2/6/2003 8:55:04 AM #
In case you haven't noticed, there is still some bunch of bugs to be corrected, especially from the bluetooth view...

Sure I could say that what I really want is OS6 :) But so far, correcting some bugs that are annoying me would be great...


higasan @ 2/6/2003 3:44:45 PM #
Has anyone played with the setting when using headphones. When i played with the balance they are switched. I know i could just switch the headphones around, but wonder if anyone else has noticed this.

I applied the patch and set the setting at 12db..had to turn the volume down



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