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Palm Pre BackThis is shaping up to be quite a banner week for Palm and Pre-related pieces from mainstream media outlets. A new editorial has just been posted by BusinessWeek. Entitled "Palm's Secret Weapon for the Pre", the piece is written by Peter Burrows and takes a long, hard look at the optimistic outlook some mobile software developers are casting upon Palm's next-generation platform.

The piece makes for a nice read, especially for those who may have not been intently following every twist and turn of Palm-related news since the January unveiling of the Pre and WebOS. Much like last year's piece by the same author that essentially confirmed the appearance of Nova/WebOS at CES, comparisons are again made between the beleaguered Palm of today and the crumbling Apple that Rubinstein joined in 1996.

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Aimed at whom?

mabsut @ 3/25/2009 11:12:03 AM # Q
No comments, this is a secret weapon without target. I gave up, will get an iphone like anyone else. It seems I can get most of the functionality of my Centro, plus some addons I could only dream off.
RIP Palm, too little too late.
RE: Aimed at whom?
jca666us @ 3/25/2009 4:51:40 PM # M Q
it's not aimed at anyone - that is the secret weapon
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