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At&T Palm Centro WhiteEarlier this week we covered TreoCentralís CES report that detailed the existence of an unbranded, pre-release white GSM Centro. Now an additional photo has surfaced from this thread on the TreoCentral forums and offers up a higher-quality look at an AT&T-branded Centro. This device is now about 99% certain to be the next Palm OS Garnet device announced from Palm, as Sprint's reported three-month launch exclusivity period draws to a close.

One of the only remaining unknown details is whether this will be marketed under the "Centro" banner as is the Sprint CDMA version or if Palm is going to call this the Treo 500p or Treo 690, as rumored earlier. As stated previously, I would not be surprised to see Palm split the line between Windows Mobile-based Treos and Garnet-based Centros in 2008 onward, similar to Palmís own "Zire" and "Tungsten" sub-branding from 2002-2004.

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Looks Different than @ CES

LiveFaith @ 1/11/2008 5:37:02 PM # Q
App buttons and pinched "waist" look are gone on this one.

My ????? is, can you really type e-mails etc effectively on this keyboard?

Pat Horne

RE: Looks Different than @ CES
hkklife @ 1/11/2008 5:42:02 PM # Q

The general sentiment amongst the online crowd is that this is a pre-production model. IE: this is one of the ones produced BEFORE Rubinstein made his famous trip to China back last summer. Recall that story?

I really don't mind the aeshetics etc. of the Centro. It's just that TO ME PERSONALLY the keyboard is way too small for anything approaching efficient typing and the screen is impossibly too tiny. And the weak battery capacity is a killer on a CDMA/EVDO device. I expect the GSM Centro fare a bit better in regards to battery life.

At any rate, it'll be interesting to see if the Centro is a one-off model or if Palm really is going to try to begin differentiating their smartphone lines.

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RE: Looks Different than @ CES
wildmantrader @ 1/11/2008 5:51:27 PM # Q

I actually was concerned about the keyboard when the Centro was released with Sprint but I went by the Sprint store and I could type as well with it as with my Treo 750. Something about the ways the keys are set up make it easy to type. I will tell you that I have demoed the iphone also and the Centro is easier to type out email then the iphone.

RE: Looks Different than @ CES
hkklife @ 1/11/2008 5:54:41 PM # Q
ANYTHING is easier to type on than the iPhone/iPod Touch!!

I could probably SMS faster on a dumbphone keypad than I could type on the iPhone! My fat thumbs do NOT co-exist well with Apple's onscreen keyboard. I'd give ANYTHING for a good metal stylus and Graffiti 1 on the iPhone (HAH!).

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RE: Looks Different than @ CES
mikecane @ 1/11/2008 6:44:09 PM # Q
>>>ANYTHING is easier to type on than the iPhone/iPod Touch!!

Have you tried it or is this some delusion you're under?

I saw a young woman use one frikkin hand with her *thumb* on an iPhone SMSing away faster than I've seen people do on Crackberries and Sickkicks with both of their paws.

RE: Looks Different than @ CES
hkklife @ 1/11/2008 6:51:05 PM # Q
I've tried both an early production run iPhone AND a recent "fresh" version AND and a Touch. Unless the ones in the Apple store were somehow wildly out of "calibration" (is there even such a thing on these devices?) It's not that I couldn't type QUICKLY (I could). It's just that I made SO many errors that constantly having to backspace & correct slowed my pace to a crawl. Are there Prefs/sensitivity settings for the auto-correct?

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RE: Looks Different than @ CES
freakout @ 1/11/2008 8:00:06 PM # Q
^^ According to this thread, you can't even choose between On and Off without jailbreaking:

And I agree, Kris - the virtual keyboard stinks. A couple of my friends have iPod Touches now and they're just not as good as a real keyboard. Damn nice display though.

RE: Looks Different than @ CES
hkklife @ 1/11/2008 11:15:20 PM # Q
The ideal, world-beating device would be:

-iPhone FF (or a tad larger), LCD, & build quality

-Small Treo 750/755-style d-pad and 2 or 4 "action" hard button along the bottom where the iPhone's single button is now

-A stylus + silo (retractable boing boing T|T stylus would be perfect)

-User-selectable "stylus" or "finger" input methods with corresponding shrinking/growing dialog boxes, fonts, windows etc.

-User-selectable onscreen character input (Graffi 1/2/Decuma, Apple thumboard etc)

-FULLSIZE SDHC slot, side-mounted & behind a door ala Treo 680

-Removable battery at least 1600mAh

-Offered in both GSM & CDMA formats with full 3G

-DUN/tethering etc.

-Non-recessed 3.5mm stereo headphone jack. Also full A2DP BT support

-Linux-based OS w/ Palm PIM apps

-At least 4gigs of built in storage

-Treo's top-mounted ring/vibrate switch

-The usual voice recorder, voice dialing etc.

-A clean, elegant, Mac *AND* Vista-friendly desktop software component that puts both iTunes & Palm Desktop to shame.

-Native "drive mode" or UMS functionality

Basically, such a device would be a blend of the best part of the iPhone *AND* the Treos.

It's just too bad Apple will never give us all the "little" stuff that the Palm OS diehards are used to and Palm'll never give us the biggies (good camera, solid build quality, robust OS, big screen, wi-fi & BT) that Apple tantalizes us with. The current smartphone market is series of lose/lose scenarios for everyone other than teenyboppers, IMO.

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RE: Looks Different than @ CES
freakout @ 1/12/2008 3:17:35 AM # Q
-A clean, elegant, Mac *AND* Vista-friendly desktop software component that puts both iTunes & Palm Desktop to shame.

Not hard! I'm going to take the opportunity to use this thread to take back anything nice I may have ever said about iTunes. It sucks. The last time I experimented with it two or so years ago it seemed alright, albeit a bloated resource hog.

Then my little sister got an iPod Nano for Christmas. So after installing iTunes and downloading a few songs for her, I plug in the iPod to transfer them over. iTunes freezes. "Never mind", I think, "it's the first sync, it can't always be this slow."

So after about 90 seconds or so it unfreezes and recognizes the iPod. Click the Sync button. iTunes freezes for over two minutes and then starts syncing.

Once syncing is finished, I click the eject button for the iPod. iTunes freezes - permanently. (After five minutes of waiting, I got bored and disconnected it anyway - there was an impatient ten-year-old standing over my shoulder wanting to play with her new toy. They're hard taskmasters.)

The next day I plug it in so we can pick out some new songs. iTunes freezes. Two minutes later after it unsticks: "There's an iPod software update available, want to install it?" Guess what clicking "yes" results in? You guessed it! iTunes freezes.

I've uninstalled it, reinstalled it, and tried it on both my own and her PC: results are the same everytime. Performing any kind of operation in iTunes that involves the iPod, and it you'll spend 90% of your time twiddling your thumbs waiting for it to unfreeze. Click... freeze. Click... freeze.

On the other hand, Winamp recognized the iPod just fine and performed all syncing duties with nary a squeak. If the mp3 store was available internationally we could do an end-run around Apple altogether, but sadly for now we're stuck with the ITMS and iTunes for syncing purchased music. How on EARTH iTunes has acquired its reputation for user-friendliness is completely beyond me.

****ing HIDEOUS program. AVOID!

RE: Looks Different than @ CES
PacManFoo @ 1/12/2008 8:55:36 AM # Q
And was this iTunes running on a Mac or PC? I have never had a problem running iTunes on a Mac. If this was on a PC then I would understand.

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RE: Looks Different than @ CES
JayC3 @ 1/12/2008 9:51:17 AM # Q
Try reinstalling windows on your PC and your sister's PC. I had this similar problem before. After re-installing windows and reinstalled itunes, it work flawlessly. But I switched to a Mac 2 years ago. Windows tend to slow down over the years. I usually do a clean reinstall every 1.5 years. Hope this helps.

RE: Looks Different than @ CES
freakout @ 1/14/2008 1:50:40 AM # Q
^^ Thanks for the advice folks, but I think I've reached the limit of effort that I'm willing to invest to get it to work properly. (a couple of plus hours of my life that I'll never get back...) I just don't have the time to screw around with PC's that I used to, shame.

That said, while I think the program itself is junk, the music store is very, very well designed. My sister (aged 10) had it sussed in two minutes flat, and she hates computers.

RE: Looks Different than @ CES
hoodoo @ 1/14/2008 11:27:36 AM # Q
never, ever had a problem with WinXP, itunes, updates and my successive shuffle, nano and touch spanning 3 1/2 years.

iPhone/ iPod Touch keyboard-
madmaxmedia @ 1/15/2008 1:48:03 PM # Q
Having now owned an iPod Touch for a few months, I am very handy with the keyboard. A few observations-

1. It is decidedly un-Apple-like in that it requires a bit of practice to get used to.

2. The spell checker is critical, lucky it works very well and is good at predicting what you meant to type based not only on general spelling, but using proximity of probable missed letters.

With the above, I am generally able to type faster on this keyboard than with my old Sony CLIE TG50. I can really get into a rhythm since my fingers just need to softly touch the screen rather than click a button down. The counterpoint to this is when I make an error, it's typically a huge error that the auto-correct was not able to fix, and I sometimes have to backspace and re-type entire words.

I prefer a real (well-designed) keyboard to the soft keyboard. But I prefer the big iPod Touch screen to my Sony TG50 screen. My PDA needs aren't that great though these days, a hacked iPod Touch gives me all the functionality I need.

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what's in a name?

RussianGuy @ 1/11/2008 7:45:38 PM # Q
You must be kidding, right? Why on Earth would they change a name only because its radio changed to GSM?

Centro is catching fire, and name change will just confuse the consumer.

Anyway, Centro alone won't keep them running until Nova - they need another hit between now and Feb09 to survive...

RE: what's in a name?
DarthRepublican @ 1/12/2008 1:37:18 AM # Q
Considering how heavily Sprint is advertising the Centro, I'm guessing that they want to have the Centro name on their devices only. It's just one more sign of how firmly Palm is under the thumb of the carriers. In any case, T-Mobile coverage tends to be better and stronger than Sprint in Chicago, so I'd much rather have a GSM smartphone regardless of the name.

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New or old Dialer

sungod @ 1/13/2008 1:44:22 AM # Q
Do we know yet whether the GSM Centro is going to have the new dialer ala Treo 680 or not?

Att Palm:
Foleo = Smartphone companion
T|X = Dumbphone companion
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RE: New or old Dialer
hkklife @ 1/13/2008 7:50:31 PM # Q
I do believe there was a grainy screenshot from back in the fall that showed it having the 680's dialer. Supposedly (according to what a Palm spokesperson told Ryan a while back) the new dialer is "hardcoded" to the GSM radio in the Treo 680 and that it would not be possible (ie: it's cost Palm $) to port it to CDMA Treos. That's probably why the 755p and CDMA Centro have continued on with the lame old phone app.

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RE: New or old Dialer
freakout @ 1/14/2008 1:46:20 AM # Q
^^ The 680 dialer also featured in that spy video PIC received (and had to take down).
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check this out !

jef120 @ 1/14/2008 3:16:33 AM # Q
someone in China got a hold of the new ATT GSM centro and .... Foleo !! With tons of HQ pictures and close up shots !

RE: check this out !
SeldomVisitor @ 1/14/2008 6:03:17 AM # Q
All leaks should have as clear photos - nice.

The Fooleo in the images, however, suggests the dates of the images...

RE: check this out !
theog @ 1/14/2008 6:44:38 AM # Q
I've never seen a good picture like that of the Centro... thanks. Glad I never took time to go look at one. Well, hell, it still has POS 5... I think there has to be a record for the number of devices this OS has endured.

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RE: check this out !
numlock @ 1/14/2008 10:33:28 AM # Q
that's some quality leakage right there.
RE: check this out !
mikecane @ 1/14/2008 4:20:00 PM # Q
Frikkin-A. Now we need to depend on Chinese leaks. Malaysia's now out of the loop. Philippines too.

And HTF did he get a FOLEO?!!? ARGH!!

RE: check this out !
freakout @ 1/14/2008 6:11:46 PM # Q
Here's Google's (very, very rough) English translation:

But don't expect it to make much sense...

Heard of this plane was suspected of a solid reality, and compared with a Treo680 major progress can meet fourth book. :) :)

If enough of the heavy Treo680 defeated! 败一台Centro! Centro lost one! This lightweight volume, we want!

Centro Treo500v in shape with the extremely similar to the traditional four heavenly kings from the past four to five built parallel to the key changes on both sides of the two key Shubai tie, and green, red button on both sides in the four heavenly kings, not Treo6xx Series top position adopted.

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