Whitman Talks About Future WebOS Plans in CRN Interview

HP CEO Meg Whitman CRN has posted excerpts of a new interview with HP CEO Meg Whitman in which she reveals some insight regarding her stance on the future of WebOS.

On slide # 10 of the multi-page spread, Whitman firmly states that HP "(has) to have a tablet offering. We will be back in that business. We're coming back into the market with a Windows 8 tablet, first on an x86 chip and then maybe on an ARM chip. We'll see."

Slide #13 and #14 discuss HP's message to the remaining people on the WebOS team and the rest of high-profile departures, some of which we have recently covered. Whitman says that "This has been a very rocky period for the former Palm team/WebOS team that we built. And this was not a happy set of occurrences over the last six to eight months. So we have lost some people." She surprisingly even states that "Between August and November, there was no plan."

On slide #14, Whitman brazenly states that WebOS has "huge advantages" over iOS and Android, citing the closed nature of the former and the fragmented nature of the latter. Whitman goes on to say that the Google's pending acquisition of Motorola Mobility's handset division may ultimately make Android more of a closed system, something that is rather hard to imagine with Android hardware partners such as Samsung registering banner years for Android-powered devices.

Some additional insights to take away from the piece include the humanization of HP under Whitman, such as the elimination of the executive parking areas and the executive office suite and the company's assimilation of Autonomy in the aftermath of that huge acquisition.

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Hope it still goes on

Tuckermaclain @ 2/19/2012 11:49:25 PM # Q
After my long phone odyssey from the Evo to the Centro and back to the Evo I finally got a Pre from e-Bay. It is sooo cool! Love the homebrew patches. Got Classic for my Palm stuff. Feels good to hold in my hand (no flaming, please) and it is a bit smaller than the standard brick. The smallish screen keeps me from wasting too much time on the net. I'll keep it at least until the iphone 5 comes out. If WebOS tablets can survive maybe the phones will too.
RE: Hope it still goes on
LiveFaith @ 2/20/2012 8:17:37 AM # Q
Yep. Lot to love about the platform. Too bad it's over. So much potential. Love the killer GNex hardware, but still miss the elegance of WebOS.
Pat Horne
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I'm the last rat jumping off!

Tuckermaclain @ 3/3/2012 9:37:18 AM # Q
Got a Pre because Android seems to be quite clunky on my Evo and the Ads were driving me nuts. Downloaded Classic and I thought I'm all set to soldier on with Palm. The demo expires and I found that it cannot be activated because Palm didn't do a damned thing with it since Motion gifted it to them--so I'm screwed. Broke down and got a 4s. I is the sweetest device. No ads like Android. Phone runs sooo smoothly. App store has everything I could want. Most of my big-buck Palm OS apps are made for Apple and the company pays for the phone so what do I care. Finally, StyleTap is there for all my fav Palm apps that were never replaced. The 4s is what Palm could have developed. I'm almost as excited as I was when the m505 came out. I think I held out long enough with my TX. What to do now with 2 shoeboxes full Palm/WebOS devices I've hoarded?

Good bye Palm/Elevation Partners/WebOS/HP/Plam,

The last Palm loyalist.

RE: I'm the last rat jumping off!
dagwud @ 3/3/2012 4:39:10 PM # Q
"What to do now with 2 shoeboxes full Palm/WebOS devices I've hoarded?"

I took mine to the local computer recycling center. Kept my PilotPro for sentimental reasons, and the fact that it runs off AAA batteries, so no fears about batteries dying.

Plus, I've got the upgrade board, so my PilotPro is running PalmOS4.

RE: I'm the last rat jumping off!
Tuckermaclain @ 3/6/2012 7:07:54 AM # Q
Does anybody know of a great app for the iphone that I could migrate my Palm memos to in CSV? Would like to organize by catagory, as Palm did. Have about 1MB in my Palm, so it needs to be organized.
RE: I'm the last rat jumping off!
Tuckermaclain @ 3/6/2012 7:10:32 AM # Q
Sorry about the double post. I'm never getting rid of my Palms. I have RAM backups for everything since OS4 came out, so I could load up an m500 in 2035 and use it. Don't know why I would except for nostalgia.
RE: I'm the last rat jumping off!
mijail @ 3/6/2012 8:40:09 AM # Q
Not sure how this compares to the Palm memos (too long since then), but I'd recommend SimpleNotes. Cloud sync, desktop clients, tags, usable offline, freemium, text-only.

EverNote is another very typical option, with lots of extras (not only text but even image files than can be OCR'd and searched). But annoyingly uncomfortable to use, and won't work offline - in free mode at least.

Don't bother with SpringPad. Sync problems, awful/non-existant import/export.

RE: I'm the last rat jumping off!
Tuckermaclain @ 3/7/2012 8:09:11 AM # Q
Thanks! I found an Evernote add-on that imports Palm memos in csv directly. That was easy to do.
RE: I'm the last rat jumping off!
HyperScheduler @ 3/7/2012 10:00:18 AM # Q
If you could be so kind, could you please explain what a "RAM backup" is? I suspect that this has something to do with Dmitry's concoctions, but I just want to be sure.

Also, suppose that instead of having "RAM backups," you simply had a miniSD card that contained your PalmOS apps. If so, could you still fulfill what you said about using a PalmOS device in the year 2035? Or, instead, do you happen to actually *need* a "RAM backup"?

Thank you very much.

RE: I'm the last rat jumping off!
dagwud @ 3/8/2012 7:28:54 AM # Q
I parted with my Vx, m500 and m515 because, after a few years of disuse on a shelf, the would not, in fact, power up and be usable.

Battery life was measured in minutes before they shut down. The Vx and the m515 were the only ones that'd boot up after sitting in the chargers. To be usable, I'd have to replace the batteries.

Nostalgia is the only reason to keep them. They won't be functional. And, it'll probably be hard to find replacement batteries in 20 years.

RE: I'm the last rat jumping off!
Tuckermaclain @ 3/8/2012 7:46:30 AM # Q
With OS 4 and above i backed the RAM up onto the card once a week. If I ever had a hard reset I could open the launcher and the backup prc (Backup Buddy VFS or any other program) and I could open it and restore the RAM onto the Palm in a few minutes. Every Palm device since then (about 2001) has had the entire SD card copied onto a CDROM. The file is labelled by device and date. I can pull out my Zire 72 and load copy of my SD card onto a formatted SD card and put it into my Zire. I can restore it to complete functionality in <5 minutes. I can bypass the SD card security and use any SD card and not just the one I copied.

It was very cool when you considered the only other option was restoring it from the ground-up. Now, as I said, the only reason would be to show the grandkids what we used at the turn of the century.

iPhone has been around long enough the the software catalog is huge enough so that every hard-to-find program I depended on is fairly well replaced by an equivalent app which does much more. I can't get cracked versions of SkyScape apps and I've whittled down the number I use, but the department pays for them now anyway.

Last month I had a pager/TX/Evo to drag around and today I just have the iPhone. So thankful for it. This "convergence" is what Mike Cane used to rant about around 2005, if I remember correctly.

RE: I'm the last rat jumping off!
richf @ 3/10/2012 5:49:00 AM # Q
Yup, Good choice on the 4S. Been on one since december of 11. Found a replacement app for everything I did on the Palm. Even found some new stuff which blows my mind for a handheld. There is one exception, the nutrition apps do not measure up to what's on my Treo 700P. Still use that for tracking carbs. It's a little locked down more than I like but the operation is comparable to Palm, smooth and reliable. Coming to the point I don't miss the Palms I got laying around. Guess I'll throw them in a shoe box and decide their fate at a later date. I would like to see them put to a good use and recover a little cash. Oh well wishful thinking I guess.
Have a nice day!
HP 41CX->HP 75C->Pilot 1000->Pilot 5000->Pilot Pro->IIIe->IIIc->M500->M505->M515->TC->T3->T5->Treo 650P->Treo 700P->Droid>Pre Plus>Droid>iPhone4S
RE: I'm the last rat jumping off!
rpa @ 3/22/2012 10:22:07 PM # Q
I bought a Veer, a Pre3 and a Touchpad for the heck of it. The Pre3 is pretty good. My Centro no longer starts or takes a charge and I have 2 Palm Pilots somewhere....too bad it's over. So long everyone.

RE: I'm the last rat jumping off!
linds @ 4/5/2012 4:07:27 AM # Q
I still have my Treo 600 and 700p in a drawer to be booted up every now and again for nostalgia purposes. My Galaxy Nexus has been filling the bill quite nicely since Dec. '11.

I purchased and played with a touch pad on the weekend they dropped to $300, I then decided to take it back, then the following weekend it dropped that crazy $99 but of course I couldn't find any available. I liked the touchpad but I sure am glad I went with an Ipad instead.

Actually though I thought the Touch Pad did several things better then my Ipad 1. The multi-tasking, the adobe flash, the facebook app, and the front facing camera, and notifications.

Of course 4 of those issues have been pretty well solved since that time. The adobe flash Issue I just solved this week, using Iswifter.

Anyways those are my thoughts for the day,

RE: I'm the last rat jumping off!
HyperScheduler @ 4/5/2012 5:49:32 AM # Q
That's cool, thanks for this update. . . I am going to buy another Treo 650 this weekend (from a guy off of CraigsList). . . I am giving serious thought to divorcing my digital calendar from the iPhone-Google Calendar sync and, instead, returning to DateBk for calendaring. Unfortunately, this will entail giving up on the unity of ONE device to rule them all; that is, I will need to listen to the Treo 650 for calendar-based alerts, and listen to the iPhone for texts, calls, and so on. But I think that it will be worth it in light of the nonsense issues regarding the iPhone resident calendar app and Google Calendar.
RE: I'm the last rat jumping off!
linds @ 4/5/2012 12:26:54 PM # Q
@hyperscheduler, I should sell you my 600, I got it for $20 from a friend a few years back, but the problem is I still like to boot it up and mess with it on the rare occasion.

I don't know if I could go back to keeping my schedule on 1 single device, I like the security of know that if I plug something into my calendar that even if all my devices get lost, stolen, broke, that I will still get that reminder.

I guess with Palm you can do the Hot Sync but I don't know something about the cloud makes me feel secure. ....of course that means google can read it too :-(

RE: I'm the last rat jumping off!
HyperScheduler @ 4/5/2012 3:15:55 PM # Q
So true! The mental relief of knowing that the data is in the cloud, and the mental anxiety of knowing that a mulit-gazillion corporation can read every word of it.

Thanks for thinking of me re: your Treo! I fully understand. I really do believe that we should all keep at least one or two PalmOS devices around for nostalgia. It is part of our digital heritage, and therefore a part of *us.*

RE: I'm the last rat jumping off!
BaalthazaaR @ 4/6/2012 8:00:08 AM # Q
HyperScheduler wrote:
I really do believe that we should all keep at least one or two PalmOS devices around for nostalgia. It is part of our digital heritage, and therefore a part of *us.*

I don't know, there is a fine line between nostalgia and being a pack rat. I still have every PalmOS device that I've ever owned and a couple of phones that were donated to my collection.

RE: I'm the last rat jumping off!
Tuckermaclain @ 4/7/2012 9:38:53 AM # Q
After many false reports, Palm can finally be pronounced dead.
An analysis of the life and death of the company with the brightest future that was driven into the dirt by fools will be a wonderful case-study in any MBA program.
I did notice HP advertising their new Folio, and perked my ears to hear if there was a "2" after the name.
Even after death PalmOS will not lie still !
RE: I'm the last rat jumping off!
linds @ 4/9/2012 7:07:39 AM # Q
I had the same thoughts when I saw the Folio...not sure why you would want to use the name of a failed product. I realize most people either never heard of the first one and/or if they did they would have forgotten. Nevertheless I don't think we are running into any shortage of names that could be used for electronics.
RE: I'm the last rat jumping off!
HyperScheduler @ 4/10/2012 7:12:02 AM # Q
Sooooooo................ what now?

There is talk that the Treonauts forum will close soon. . . Been a while since PIC had a new article. . . . .

Where do we get our PalmOS on?

Are there any other sites where PalmOS users gather?

Are there any other PalmOS users in the first place?

RE: I'm the last rat jumping off!
linds @ 4/11/2012 8:56:03 AM # Q
I have been wondering the exact same thing. It would be an interesting case study...It probably cost's very little to keep PIC up and running and I am sure Ryan still has some ad revenue and app revenue coming in. I would assume that it is a net positive or he would have shut it down a while back. Probably something like $10 a month to keep it running and $15 in ad/app revenue. In the old days an equivalent special interest magazine or club could never have kept running with so little interest.

Random Thoughts

1. I actually enjoy PIC right now....Just a few people talking back and forth...almost facebook or twitter like in some respects but on a micro scale.

2. A while back Ryan mentioned that he had made an IPAD app #machash...I immediately downloaded it and I do enjoy using it.

3. I wonder when/if developer's will allow their Palm apps be available for free.

RE: I'm the last rat jumping off!
HyperScheduler @ 4/12/2012 7:23:39 AM # Q
Some additional random thoughts. . .

Whenever a new cell-phone device comes to the market, don't people need to wait a year until they buy it because they are on a current 2-year contract? If so, shouldn't the company that makes the device wait a year or so before determining whether their device is popular?

It seems to me that, before we can assess the success of the new Lumia 900 Microsoft/Nokia phone, we need to wait a while until those who are under a 2-year contract can choose to buy that phone.

The reason that I raise this issue is because it seems to me that HP failed to give people enough time to escape their own 2-year cell-phone contract so that the people could *then* choose to switch over to the Palm Pre.

RE: I'm the last rat jumping off!
hkklife @ 4/12/2012 12:28:57 PM # Q
The entire "2 year contract + subsidy" model is horribly, horribly broken. In all honesty, it stifles innovation, PO's users, and , at least in the case of Apple's iPhones, is a drag on the carriers' bottom lines.

I was REALLY in high hopes that Apple would have come in 2007 and used the game-changing iPhone to break the back of the carriers operating as purveyors of locked, restricted, subsidized handsets that they trickle out onto the market as they see fit. But of course that didn't happen and all Apple managed to do was keep carrier bloatware off of their devices.

When Google announced the Nexus initiative back in early 2010, I was hoping that would get partners like Moto & HTC to flood the market with unbranded, unlocked handsets sold at competitive full retail prices. Once again, this never happened. Now that American consumers have been "spoiled" by $199 smartphones (or worse, "free" phones), I see the situation unlikely to ever change, especially in these cash-strapped times.

After the T-Mobile/AT&T merger was shot down, I held out a sliver of hope that that T-Mob would be flush with cash from AT&T and try to introduce a radically new method of selling phones and banish all contracts. This too has not happened. The wireless carriers need to operate ONLY as "wireless pipes", not as device training centers, hardware retailers, content providers etc etc.

As this week's grim VZW news shows, the carriers are now looking to nickel & dime their users more and more (tiered data caps, $30+ "upgrade" fees, the elimination of 1yr contracts, new ever two/annual/early upgrade promos etc). Apple burns every carrier that signs on with them. I wish now that VZW and Sprint had kept on as a MS/RIM/Google outfit. T-Mobile may soon be glad that they had not entered into a Faustian bargain with Apple! I actually wish Apple would use some of that massive pile of cash to buy Sprint or T-Mob and rebrand them as Apple Wireless so to take the iOS devices completely out of the picture on other carriers.

Google's inability to reduce Android fragmentation or put their foot down hard on these lousy support and upgrade policies of their licensees makes it an even more dismal situation. RIM is heading to oblivion and I honestly wonder if BBX devices will even see the light of day this year (if ever). Microsoft still does not "get it". In fact, Win 8 is going to be another Vista because they have tried too hard to dumb it down with the Metro UI and shove a mobile interface down desktop users' throats. And we all know how HP's WebOs situation turned out.

The sad fact is that there is no compelling mobile platform on the market right now and I don't see any sign of this changing any time soon. I suppose I can hold out hope that by the time of Jellybean (or later) Android may be massaged into decent shape. But right now, I am seeing a huge dearth of interesting formfactors mated to worthwhile OSes---where is a Galaxy Note-sized device from someone other than Samsung? Where are the portrait slider devices? The Pre 3 wasn't a half-bad attempt, nor was the BB Torch. The latest crop of Android devices are becoming frighteningly similar to iOS devices with larger screens--fixed storage, fixed batteries and nigh-identical formfactors.

For example, I REALLY wanted a Galaxy Nexus for its large 720p AMOLED screen and Android 4.0 ICS back in December. But I was not eligible for an upgrade. Now I am and have been sitting here patiently since December and Verizon has *NOTHING* in the way of new phones. If I buy a G-Nex now, I will certainly regret it as it's already been on the market for quite some time and I am not 100% convinced that its formfactor or spec sheet would make me happy for the next 20+ months. So I sit and wait and wait and wait. I cannot switch carriers due to VZW's superior coverage and my grandfathered unlimited plan, which is absolutely priceless in the LTE era. I would take the plunge if I could get a Galaxy Note on Verizon but that remains an unlocked or AT&T only proposition for the time being.

I'd like to see some sort of "premium" offering by the carriers where for, say, $120/month or so, you would get unlimited everything (no throttling, no strings attached) and the ability to swap out your handset for a nominal fee once per year. Or, the higher your monthly rate or the longer you have been a customer, the greater your early upgrade discount. There's simply no way anyone can justify dropping $650-$700 every 6 months on a handset that SHOULD only cost half of that if it was a non-carrier controlled, non-subsidized market. I can buy a phenomenal 32Gb Android tablet with the latest & greatest specs or an 16Gb iPad 2 for $400....yet that same amount of money only gets me a near 3-year old 8Gb iPhone 3GS at full retail price. Something ain't right with the economies of scale here. It SHOULDN'T be this way!
Pilot 1000->Pilot 5000->PalmPilot Pro->IIIe->Vx->m505->T|T->T|T2->T|C->T|T3->T|T5->Zodiac 2->TX->Verizon Treo 700P->Verizon Treo 755p->Verizon Moto Droid + Verizon Palm Centro-> Verizon Moto Droid X2 + Palm TX

RE: I'm the last rat jumping off!
conorn @ 4/14/2012 10:27:34 PM # Q
Sad all right. Just before Christmas my aging Centro started to pack in. I'd already canabalised parts. Finally made the move to WP - a lovely Lumia 800. It's great (and it's not an iPhone), but so many little things to annoy. I never thought I'd miss Agendus!

I too have a shoebox with nearly everything since my first Palm; V, m5**, T*, Treo 650, Centros. So many cables and adaptors.

Oh well, good while it lasted.

PS - I'm glad we don't have quite the same manipulation of the market by the mobile operators as you guys seem to have over there.

RE: I'm the last rat jumping off!
LiveFaith @ 4/15/2012 3:56:06 AM # Q

They say it takes 38 muscles to frown and only 4 to smile. Nevertheless, it doesn't take any to just sit there with a dumb look on your face.

The vaaaast majority of American consumers are clueless and uninterested in the carriers "2 yr contract" charade. They just sit there with a dumb look thinking their new iPhone costs $199.
Pat Horne

RE: I'm the last rat jumping off!
Tuckermaclain @ 4/15/2012 11:24:08 AM # Q
Yeah, this is a nice little community. I've gotten to learn a lot about computers/phone and carriers from some pretty tech savvy people. It would be nice for everybody to check in and see who still visits here. Cervezas? Aaron? Cane? You guys still haunting?

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Re: last one out please turn out the lights...

hotpaw4 @ 4/23/2012 6:04:34 PM # Q
I still keep one working Tungsten T and a PalmOS Abacus watch on their charging stands... wasting energy. Used my skills at PalmOS development on a Mac to move into iOS development, and ported a couple apps over (though it took Apple over 2 years to approve HotPaw Basic). But these apps have more than paid for some iPhones and iPads, so that's what I use.
RE: Re: last one out please turn out the lights...
linds @ 4/25/2012 3:02:04 PM # Q
I was just given a Palm TX.....now I wish I could download sticher for it. Anyone remember some good podcast software? I guess I had purchased Kinoma...I wonder if they will let me transfer the license?

RE: Re: last one out please turn out the lights...
HyperScheduler @ 4/25/2012 4:16:12 PM # Q
Let us know how it all works out, thanks! Good luck to you!
RE: Re: last one out please turn out the lights...
linds @ 5/5/2012 8:50:58 AM # Q
I am actually finding the TX fairly useless.....I think it is a worse experience then what it was in 2007 as the mobile app store's aren't up and running. I tried palminfocenter's store and the palmfreeware site but it wouldn't let me download app's directly to the device. I am sure I could do the hot sync thing but it seems extra painful....especially since I have my galaxy nexus which will allow me all the digital mobile experience i need.

RE: Re: last one out please turn out the lights...
HyperScheduler @ 5/7/2012 1:48:11 PM # Q
>I tried palminfocenter's store and the palmfreeware site but it wouldn't let me download app's directly to the device. I am sure I could do the hot sync thing but it seems extra painful....

This has been my experience, too. I was informed that the WiFi of my Palm TX would enable me to download apps directly from PalmInfoCenter.com, but it does not work. WHY????

Also, does anybody know the answer to the following question:

Back in the glory days of Palm OS, why didn't Palm do a better (any?) job of informing users about the *existence* of Palm OS apps? Sure, those of us reading this knew about Palm OS apps, but I also knew a lot of folks in the mid-to-late 2000's that bought Treo 700p's and yet did not even know about Palm OS apps.

RE: Re: last one out please turn out the lights...
mijail @ 5/11/2012 10:02:43 AM # Q
Know what?, reading these questions about apps and the state of things in 2007 I can only wonder why on Earth did it take so long to sweep away Palm and the rest.

Anyone else remembers Jobs saying in the 90's that we had entered a Dark Age (because Microsoft had won and because its effects on the industry) and that we would be stalled there for at least a decade?

RE: Re: last one out please turn out the lights...
Fake Jeff Hawkins @ 5/12/2012 8:11:46 PM # Q
Also, does anybody know the answer to the following question:

Back in the glory days of Palm OS, why didn't Palm do a better (any?) job of informing users about the *existence* of Palm OS apps? Sure, those of us reading this knew about Palm OS apps, but I also knew a lot of folks in the mid-to-late 2000's that bought Treo 700p's and yet did not even know about Palm OS apps.

The answer is because Palm was run by idiots. Several of us who either worked at Palm or had close connections to the company tried to get the senior managers to set up a proper app store over a DECADE ago. The fools refused and insisted on letting the incompetent PalmGear remain in control of the app experience on PalmOS. Later, the half assed user-written app category guides were published on the cheap. At one point the main guy at Palm who was advocating setting up a coherent app platform was actually fired if you can believe it.

(Still using the brilliant unlocked Centro as a travel phone)

RE: Re: last one out please turn out the lights...
linds @ 5/16/2012 6:59:24 PM # Q
It does seem as though apps/app store are/is what have driven the smart phone revolution. It seems so sad to think that Palm was the 1st to allow 3rd party apps on a mobile operating system and yet didn't seize on the opportunity to deliver a unified experience.

Oh the lament of what could have been.

RE: Re: last one out please turn out the lights...
hotpaw4 @ 6/5/2012 10:11:47 AM # Q
Google buys Quickoffice. I wonder how much code originally done for PalmOS is now running on iOS and Android?
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This is the way the PalmOS world ends...

Fake Jeff Hawkins @ 5/12/2012 8:50:40 PM # Q
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

Pilot 1000
Palm Vx
Handspring Treo 600
Samsung i500
Centro/Centro 2

So much potential, killed by so many incompetent, arrogant managers at Palm.

I still use my i500 as my main phone, my perfectly sized Centros as backup and travel phones, my CLIÉs for some specialized apps and my TRGpro as a scientific calculator. While I now rely on a jailbroken iPhone 4 for its vast array of truly impressive apps, PalmOS remains the fastest, most intuitive OS that I've ever used. If you have any old PalmOS devices in a drawer take them out (or buy a bunch dirt cheap on eBay) and start using them as calculators or MP3 players. Retro tech rules!


RE: This is the way the PalmOS world ends...
mijail @ 5/24/2012 5:36:37 AM # Q
Yeah, I can't wait to go back to use as a MP3 player a Palm which, when hacked to the max to maximize its battery life, gave me a full... 5 hours? of listening.

I'll pass.

RE: This is the way the PalmOS world ends...
HyperScheduler @ 5/29/2012 5:33:03 PM # Q
Well, I wouldn't go THAT far. . . True, many attributes about Palm OS devices stink, but, more often times than not, "retro tech RULES!"

Personally, I am in the midst of trying to download and install the 64-bit drivers for my Windows 7 laptop so that I can resume HotSyncing with a Treo. . . Hopefully, I can get it to work. . .

RE: This is the way the PalmOS world ends...
linds @ 5/30/2012 6:10:42 AM # Q
Do you think that Palm hot sync will get an update for Windows 8? (Laugh here)
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