Quickies: 16MB Platinum & Prism, SmartMedia Springboard

A Hong Kong company, Palm-center.com, which specializes in upgrading Palm memory now offers to upgrade the Visor Platinum and Prism to 16MB. It costs HK$480, which an online currency converter said was about US$61. -icesalmon

PDABuzz has a story about a SmartMedia Springboard that will be coming out in Q1 2001. The MemPlug from Portable Innovation Technology will cost $49 to $59. -Ed

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Hw can I get my P7 upgraded to 8MB?

jrroberts @ 12/21/2000 12:31:27 PM #
I noticed on their site, although not in english, that they have upgraded a P7 to 8MB. Has anyone else done this, or know how I can or have someone else upgrade mine?

RE: How can I get my P7 upgraded to 8MB?
Ed @ 12/22/2000 10:29:02 AM #
A small Taiwanese company named Palm Hardware Services (http://www.palmhw.com/) offers this for $100 + $15 delivery but it doesn't work on all Palm VII's. They offer a small app you can run that will tell you if your Palm is one of the lucky ones. For $65 more, they will upgrade your Flash ROM to 4MB.

Palm Infocenter

[ No Subject ]

drclausen @ 12/21/2000 8:50:16 PM #
would the smart media cards be able to be used just like the 8mb springboard moduale? in the sense that we could run prc from it or would we have to transfer it to the RAM before we could run it.
RE: [ No Subject ]
GregGaub @ 12/22/2000 12:23:15 AM #
I looked all through the site, and it seems to be solely a backup/storage unit. You can't run progs directly from the card. As far as I know, the only unit that can do that is the TRG Pro with Auto-CF. If an automated file-mover can be written for the Smart Media module, then it'll be THE killer springboard to get.
I wonder who'll be releasing the first CF Springboard module? Even if it's just storage (not able to use CF modems and other IO stuff) it will still be a good module to get.


RE: Compact Flash adapter for Visor
khudsonllb @ 12/28/2000 2:22:34 PM #
A compact flash adapter is now available for the Visor. It will allow up to 192 Megs of file storage within a module inserted into the expansion slot, although you will have to download software and install it, so it is not a springboard module.

Special introductory price until January 15, 2001 is $20 including shipping. See more about it at www.matchbookdrive.com

Keith Hudson

16MB Prism

tsuishui @ 12/22/2000 4:43:43 AM #
I just upgraded my Prism to 16MB, it works finely.
Actually, it is easy to do, everyone can do it, i will try to write a article to show how to do it by yourself.

RE: 16MB Prism
Doug @ 12/26/2000 9:07:05 PM #
Get to it and write that article. I want to upgrade my prism too. Don't forget to let us know where you bought the chip. Thanks.

RE: 16MB Prism
tsuishui @ 12/28/2000 12:39:22 PM #
it just use any 8MB EDO RAM, the one used in my Prism is NEC EDO RAM.

RE: 16MB Prism
tsuishui @ 12/28/2000 12:43:15 PM #
actually, once you have see the photos in PC Weekly (a computer magazine in Hong Kong which I am working there), you will know how to upgrade by yourself, it is easy.

the upgrade steps:

1. Put a new 8MB EDO RAM over the original internal memory and use connecting rod to connect the "fingers" of the memory.

2. After you done it, then use a small electric wire to connect between MEMORY and CPU.

connecting method: MEMORY
find the 14 pin "finger" to connect the wire.

then find the 6 pin "finger" of CPU and connect the wire too.

after all simply reset the machine and you made it!

PS. sorry for my bad english, the photos i will upload tomorrow. Will inform you guys once done.


RE: 16MB Prism ... Platinum too???
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/8/2001 9:32:06 AM #
Ehi, bring us the photos and the chip ID!!!!
TIA Fabio

RE: 16MB Prism
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/10/2001 1:44:17 PM #
Can someone send me the chip type (& where can I buy it too) and pictures showing the 16Mb upgrade for the PRISM.


Re: Palm VII Memory Expansion

Eston Bond @ 12/23/2000 2:27:52 PM #
I know in the summer issue of Handheld Computing there was a section on memory expansion. I would recommend going to www.hhcmag.com and searching for it.

Eston Bond
CEO Pine Tree Software



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