New Cases for Visors and Palm V Series

A new Visor Smart Cover is available from a small Hong Kong company, Brando. It protects the front and back of your Visor device, without making it into a big brick. Most importantly, the screen protector can be flipped 360 degrees to the back of the Visor. It is available now for US $20. -Brando

iBIZ Technology Corp. has a new travel hardcase for the Palm V series. It comes in titanium or black and is available now from CompUSA stores for $30. -Ed

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HonK Kong?

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/22/2000 7:26:07 PM #
Try HONG Kong opinion o your site just went down a notch. I thought you had better editing skills.


RE: HonK Kong?
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/23/2000 12:16:20 AM #
Oh, please.
A single letter typo causes you to lose respect for a site?
You have no room to talk, since your own post has a similar typo. Claim it to be intended as irony, but your comment has already lost any impact it might have had without a typo.
If you're going to knock a web site for no good reason, at least try to find something better than a simgle, one letter typo.
So, where's your site? You know, the one with hundreds of news items without a single typo?
Didn't think so.

--*Rob - NOT! :P

Hong Kong

adamski @ 12/25/2000 4:43:56 AM #
Rob, you are a sad basturd. Did i speel it korectlee? Ta ta, the Eenglish!

Visor Covers

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/28/2000 1:50:09 AM #
Maybe 180 degrees! I've yet to see a cover that can be flipped 360. :)

No mention of compatibility with Springboards though. Looks like it would not be possible with any of the "bulging" springboards. :-(

I'm probably gonna wait until Tactilis comes out with thier flip lid to go with the flip clip. At $12 to $14 dollars for the combo it's gonna be a winner, I think. Note that if you can't wait a month or two, you can buy the flip clip now with a PalmIII type lid (sorta kinda fits) for $10 and upgrade the lid when they come out.

The idea of buying something direct from Hong Kong kinda worries me anyway.

RE: Visor Covers
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/28/2000 2:02:52 AM #
I guess now that I look at it, it DOES flip 360. Nevermind...




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