Quickies: A Cornucopia of Small Stories All Rolled Into One

Over the past week, a good number of smaller news tidbits have been contributed to us but haven't been posted because of a rush of stories that we decided took precedence. However, we decided to collect all of them into one large block that includes info on Arabic Palms, a new graffiti area protector, a Palm RPG, free fiction, and more.

Winner of "Best HanDBase Applet" Contest
DDH Software, developer of the HanDBase database application, announced the winner of its Applet of the Year contest. “Work Days,” a HanDBase applet designed by Kevin McCord of Dallas, Texas, won the most votes cast by visitors to the online voting booth. Voters were given the choice of five applets that were selected by a panel of judges from a total of 279 submissions. As the winner, Mr. McCord was awarded a grand prize of $1,000. -Paul Hoffman

Palm Handhelds Go Arabic
Soon Middle Eastern / North african Palm units will be shipping with arabic language support thanks to a third party overlay called APOS by Information Appliances International. -Superfro

Free Crime Fiction From HandHeldCrime
HandHeldCrime brings free crime fiction to you for reading on a handheld with a doc reader, through AvantGo, or from their web site. The 11th issue includes short works by Ray Nayler, John A. Broussard, and Hugh Lessig, plus the latest installment of David Kearns' serialized novel THE MUCKRAKER and a bunch of reviews. -Jamey Dumas

Lordinium Seeks Palm User Feedback
Lordinium, the realistic medieval RPG (role-playing game) by Rolelore, is on its way and time is come to answer to that question : do you want it Palm User Friendly ? Rolelore checks once again player's opinion for the game which should be out in the coming weeks. The gameplay is more than ever focused on a Palm handeld basis : quick access to information, continuous rewarding, and not greedy for system resources. -antheor

WorldMate Goes Wireless
MobiMate introduced wireless updates to currency rates in its latest release of WorldMate. WorldMate is a utility for the world traveler, businessmen or anyone who has family and friends on the other side of the globe. With WorldMate it’s easy to compare the time in different cities around the world, convert currencies, clothing measurements and much more. -Ramel Levin

Introduction of the Palmshield
CYi Corp. introduces their graffiti area protectant called the Palmshield. It is priced at $3.00/pk. and each pack has 2 pieces of the Palmshield which lasts for months. It covers the graffiti area only thus not blurring the display. -CYi Corp.

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WriteRight Better

dfenwick@acm.org @ 2/7/2001 6:11:35 AM #
I think the protection given to the whole screen by WriteRight from Concept Kitchen is better, particularly the protection given to the screen above the Graffiti area where it seems that all developers put buttons there. And the fuzziness actually improves the readibility under a number of lighting conditions. Finally, users should understand that Graffiti is at best a poor third, after the keyboard on your compter and the touchscreen keyboard on the Palm, as an input device.


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