Quickies: Kessler, HandEra, Developers, Horror Stories, and More

infoSync is reporting a rumor that Steve Sakoman, formerly the COO of Be Inc., is a top contender to replace Alan Kessler as head of the operating system group at Palm. Mr. Sakoman has also worked at Apple, where he was the director of CPU development managing the hardware group. -Ed

HandEra has provided a fix for NTT DocoMo and IBM Microdrive cards in the Compact Flash slot. This fix is not needed for other CF cards. -Mike Barney

PDALife.com has created a new e-commerce site for developers, and is currently looking for people to beta test the new storefront system and post their software for sale. They will only charge 15% fees instead of the popular 20% fees that PalmGear and Handango have, and the PDALife storefront is more automated than the "big two". PDALife allows both Palm and Pocket PC developers to sign up and sell their products, as well as RIM developers. If interested, contact Tim Warner. -Eston Bond

CanadaPUG is working with Scribble to offer a free Scribble Chameleon Hard Case each month to the person with the best Palm Horror Story. Horror Stories should be written up in Word or ASCII text format and sent to Sean Evans. -Sean D. Evans

Brando is now offering the Pilot Pentopia 3 in 1 stylus for the Palm m500/m505 or for for all SONY CLIE models. -Brando

PDA Gay Guide offers Travel Guides for Gays and Lesbians which can be used on PalmOS devices. There will be Travel Guides for locations all over the world, including information about bars and cafes, discos and parties, cruising, and much more. -Joachim Westermann

Pocket PC Thoughts has a note that AOL is stopping the beta test of AOL 2.0 for PPC. Below is a short excerpt from PPC Thoughts of an email a beta tester received:
"Thank you for participating in the beta test program for AOL 2.0 for Windows CE and Pocket PC. Due to a refocusing of our product development efforts, we will be discontinuing the AOL 2.0 for Windows CE/Pocket PC beta test and support for this product beginning August 17." -Cheetah

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PDALife store...

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/20/2001 10:06:04 AM #
Big deal!

eSellerate.net is free to set up, is only taking 10%, and gives developers more control than I have ever seen anywhere else.

AOL for PPC, Hmmm...

RoofusPennymore @ 8/20/2001 11:30:23 AM #
Wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that PPC is made by M$ would it? I don't endorse the use of PPC or AOL so I could care less, just find it interesting that they need to "refocus" on things other than the PPC.

RE: AOL for PPC, Hmmm...
AriB @ 8/20/2001 6:41:01 PM #
I'm not surprised. It's hard to develop for a platform which competes with its own developers. You develop a cool or useful application for Windows and Microsoft decides to come up with its own version and bundle it with the OS for free. Why bother?

Steve Sakoman - yes, good choice!

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/20/2001 7:53:08 PM #
He did a great job at Apple - and will defintely help Palm rise further above the rest...!

Welcome to the Palm Economy Steve! :-)



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