Quickies: ePenguin, III Adapter, Essentials, #palmchat Givaway

Penguin Books is going to release many of their titles as eBooks, including fiction, science writing, business titles and a full range of Penguin Classics and reference books They will be in the Adobe Acrobat format. -Ed

PAWGO has introduced a Null Modem Adapter for Palm III series products. It will allow users to easily attach a 9 pin (DB-9) cell phone data cable to a Palm III for easy access to the Web, email, SMS, fax, etc. They sell for $15. There is a V series version in the works. -Todd Lawson

Palmtop-pro has put together a list of applications that they consider essential for serious Palm users. -Palmtop-pro

Bozidar Benc is donating five applications to #palmchat on the OpenProjects IRC network tonight. To connect to #palmchat, type /server irc.openprojects.net then /join #palmchat in the IRC client of your choice. The giveaway will run from 8:30PM EDT - 12:30AM EDT. Full rules are available here. -Janice Karin

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