Week in Review: Aug. 26 - Sep. 1

Clearly, the biggest news stories of the week were about the FCC releasing info on the Palm i705 and Handspring Treo k180 and g180, all of which are wireless handhelds expected to be released before the end of the year. The FCC later withdrew their approval for these.

But that isn't all that happened. David Nagel was appointed head of Palm's OS subsidiary and Sony announced a European version of its N series, the N770C. The Palm OS even acquired a new licensee, AlphaSmart.

In the rumors category, details on a Handspring Prism II were widely dismissed as unlikely but info on a Palm m525 got a better reception.

Not surprinsingly, there was a lot of talk about the Treo k180 and g180 in the Forums and also some discussion on the merits of taking a handheld to school.

New items for sale in the Market Place this week include an m505 with 32 meg SD card and a HandEra 330.

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