Quickies: JurisPDA, Free GoType!, Rayman, Palmchat Giveaway

New York Law School has created JurisPDA to help law students, legal scholars, and practicing attorneys to organize and manage legal data and to take full advantage of the Law School’s diverse resources. -Grace Lee

Receive a free GoType! Keyboard from LandWare when purchasing the author's bundle of TakeNote! text processor and WordSleuth thesaurus for only $40. -Dave P.

LUDIgames has released a demo version of Rayman for Palm. Both a color and grayscale version are available. The game looks gorgeous; however, the demo version uses over 1.7 MB of memory and gameplay on an m505 was really slow. -Kevin Crossman

ThinkOutside is donating three Stowaway keyboards to #palmchat on the OpenProjects IRC network tonight. To connect, type /server irc.openprojects.net then /join #palmchat in the IRC client of your choice. The giveaway will run from 8:30PM EDT - 12:30AM EDT. Full rules are available here. -Janice Karin

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I.M. Anonymous @ 8/29/2001 11:50:56 AM #
On the clie 710C, the gameplay is really ok, fast , etc...anyway the palm button are far from being optimal for this kind of game, and the game stick hack doesn't work there :-(.

Really good potential anyway

RE: Rayman
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/29/2001 1:22:30 PM #
it has the same controls i used when playing metroid on liberty. its not bad at all, because you dont use up and down in the game much at all, and usually not at the same time. i played through a few minutes of it, and its real nice. just make sure you first turn off high res assist for the clie.


RE: Rayman
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/29/2001 2:04:58 PM #
Afterburner will kick the game play of Rayman up a notch. It's been a great hack for my Palm m505. Works great on a bunch of my apps. I have had no problems with Afterburner. I have had friends that ran Afterburner on their Palm V's and made the OS crash. What's everybody elses experience with Afterburner?

RE: Rayman
Altema @ 8/29/2001 2:17:04 PM #
Rayman runs fine on my 505 too, even at the default speed. Maybe Ed's got too many hacks active? :-)
I don't have any experience with Afterburner, used to have ClockupDA, then moved to FastCPU on my IIIc. Both would top out at 27Mhz on the IIIc. The 505 screams along fine at 50Mhz, but why waste the battery when most of the apps are instant at the normal speed. I usually just up the speed to 36Mhz for ThinkDB, TealMovie, and MiniCalc. Of course, I COULD just encode my movies at less than highest quality and 15fps...
My 8 year old is going to frak out when I get home, as he is crazy about the GameBoy version.

RE: Rayman
Altema @ 8/30/2001 12:35:43 AM #
BTW: Anyone try to run this from the card? I did not see anything about this support on their website. If this thing can be installed and run from the card, I'll take it. My 8 year old did see the demo, and he did freak out... I'm surprised he didn't tell the neighbors!

RE: Rayman
teq @ 8/30/2001 7:34:06 AM #

I've run Rayman (the demo) on my m505 from a MMC card using PowerRUN. It takes an eternity to load, but it works fine - even in combination with Afterburner.

****** Pilot 5000 => Palm Pilot III => Palm Vx => M505 - I´ve had them all and loved each one of them.

RE: Rayman
Altema @ 8/30/2001 10:38:19 PM #

When running from the card, do you have all the Rayman files on the card, or just the PRC files? Mine gave a fatal error if all the files were on the card, and would only run if the database files were in RAM. I'm using the default Palm launcher which works fine for everything else on the card. If I have to buy another app just to support this game, I think I'll pass. If they had just built in removable media support, which is the way almost every device is going, I'd buy Rayman in a second...

RE: Rayman
C @ 8/31/2001 10:52:10 AM #
Did anyone ever hear of palmboy and clockupda? Well as everyone knows roms are easily downloaded all over the internet. Guess what? Rayman for gameboy is available for download. Truthfully clockupda only takes my palm to 44mhz but it's free and along with palmboy I can play gameboy games on my palm for free. Liberty is nice but palmboy is free and is updated frequently it will soon include a save state. Go to their site and see what's up http://palmboy.suburbia.com.au/. I'm running tetris, tetris 2, super mario land, ducktales 1, alleyway, and other additional titles with no problem. Have fun!!

RE: Rayman
Altema @ 9/1/2001 11:32:50 PM #
I tried PalmBoy a while ago, but have not been able to find a source of the roms. My kids have dozens of games, including Rayman. Locating the roms is another story... I'll have to go surfing some more.

Sic transit gloria

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/31/2001 3:22:27 AM #
People used to say that the GoType! keyboard is superior to its main competitor. Now they can't give them away.

RE: Sic transit gloria
Logan @ 8/31/2001 4:22:58 PM #
Oh we have no trouble "giving them away" with the software bundle. This deal will only last until stock levels are back to were we want them to be. After that they will be sold for $69.95 again.



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