Quickies: Palm Music Connection, SyncFest, Backup+, Houston

The Palm Music Connection, which has received extensive coverage in the past, is now officially online. It allows users of the Porteson MP3 player to purchase and download music. -Ed

Handheld Media Group, publisher of Handheld Computing Magazine, will produce a nationwide series of expositions about Palm Powered handhelds. The intent of SyncFest is to bring developers of software and hardware face-to-face with consumers. The first SyncFest event will be held in San Jose, California on October 27. -Kevin Doel

Backup+ is a replacement for the Handspring's Backup Module software. It allows users to schedule backups to occur at a particular time or repeating interval. -Hari Stirbet

This month's Houston Palm Users Group meeting will feature James Lee, who'll be talking about the software he's developed for the PalmOS platform as well as the Handera 330. The meeting is September 8 at 1:00 pm. -Matthew Mullenweg

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Syncfest. feh

GregGaub @ 9/7/2001 12:01:12 PM #
Syncfest. Who gives a rip? Those aren't going to do anything for the average consumer. The only people who are going to find out about them are techies, who will also be the only people attending.
What they REALLY need to do is be more agressive to the "average" consumer. People don't even realize a Palm can do other things than the build-in programs. But, they do know that a Windows computer can, even if it's a PPC. As such, people think PPCs can do more stuff than Palm's can, when it's just not true.
Palm should set up beaming stations at the Palm device displays of every major computer chain. Customers could look at a list of software and what they do, then have the station beam it to their palm, or a display unit. Then, people will REALLY know that Palms can do a lot more than the built-in apps. Hell, I sell a Palm every time I'm at a store, and have the opportunity to tell/show someone about the apps I have on mine.

RE: Syncfest. feh
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/7/2001 12:08:17 PM #
I do believe the announcement said this is a "consumer" show, not a geekfest.

RE: Syncfest. feh
GregGaub @ 9/7/2001 12:36:19 PM #
Announcements can say whatever they want, but you and I both know that it will be just another geekfest. I mean, really, the day after PalmSource? PalmSource is so damn expensive, the only people going are the ones who already KNOW all about 3rd party software for the Palm.

I'll eat my shoe if anyone can play me a TV or radio commercial for the SyncFest that doesn't play during some high-tech talk-show or other geek entertainment. And I'll stand by that comment all the way until the Syncfests are in full swing. Where will the ads be? They'll be in Computer User/Shopper mags, Palm and Pen Computing mags, MAYBE an ad in the newspaper in the tech section.

I'm not saying I won't attend a Syncfest if one comes near me, but to claim that having it after PalmSource is the ideal time/place to target the "consumer" market, they're kidding themselves. Yeah, yeah, we're consumer, but you know what they mean, and it's not the "10 percenters."

RE: Syncfest. feh
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/7/2001 1:26:50 PM #
ok ok! I was just making a casual observation that it said it was aimed at "consumers." Don't get in a bind about it! What would make you happy? You seem awfully upset that they're not going to promote all the fun and productive stuff that you can do on a Palm, but when I went over to the Web site it looks like that's what they're trying to do. SO are you being cynical or do you know something that I don't?

RE: Syncfest. feh
GregGaub @ 9/7/2001 2:42:36 PM #
Yeah, I'm just being cynical.
It would sure be nice if they can get their Syncfest into the general public's eyes. Getting some press on TV and radio is the only way to go, though. Otherwise, their just preaching to the converted.

RE: Syncfest. feh
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/30/2001 9:53:00 PM #
Would you like ketchup with that shoe?

I'm the Publisher of Handheld Computing and the Promoter of SyncFest. I'm just seeing this thread for the first time, today Oct. 30. Too bad, we could have had GregGaub eat his shoe as an attraction at SyncFest :)

The whole purpose of SyncFest was to evangelize the device and the OS to the general public. To do so we did much promotion to the average device owner via email and coporate newsletters...and... radio comercials on NPR and KFOG. Perhaps a size 9 over pasta with a light cream sauce?



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