Quickies: Blue T615C, Palm Chat, SplashShopper, Microsoft

On SonyStyle, the blue T615C no longer says "pre-order" and appears to be available. -Mark

Starting March 1, Web Chat will be discontinued from Palm's online Support section. The free options that will remain are email and the Knowledge Finder. -PalmGoddess

SplashData has released SplashShopper, a shopping-list manager that allows users to have multiple shopping lists on a handheld and desktop computer. It is $10 through February 28, $20 after. -John Chaffee

Last year, Palm Inc. took some flack for treating Palm-enthusiast site poorly. The competition doesn't appear to be a lot better. The Register has a story on how the re-organization of Microsoft's Pocket PC marketing operation has left some of the platform's most enthusiastic supporters out in the cold. -Scott and Mike

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I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2002 10:24:44 AM #
I read that about Microsoft yesterday morning on the Register and I see PDABuzz hasn't done a story on it yet. Wes is always quick to publish anything negative about Palm but not Microsoft. His coverage is so clearly anti-Palm he should quite pretending to cover Palm news at all.

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2002 10:37:37 AM #

I agree 200% !!!!

I don't even go to pdabuzz site anymore because they are so biased I can't get the facts right.

It seems that I am not the only one that did this because I can tell their discussion boards are slow and the postings are clearly from the pocketpc fanatics with biased opinions as well.

I believe pdabuzz will disappear soon, just like other one-sided web sites such as palmstation.com. Just get us real unbiased information, and be happy!

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2002 10:41:18 AM #
Here Here, I whole heartedly agree with yah!!!!

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2002 10:52:19 AM #
Speaking of soon-to-be-dead pda news sites, anybody remember smaller.com? They're completely dead these days for some mysterious reason...

sub_tex @ 2/22/2002 10:58:27 AM #
PDABuzz is a good site. I agree it covers more PDA coverage of other OS's than palm, but what do you want - 2 sites with the same news?

Wes knows about PIC and i'm sure knows it's THE place for PAlm OS news. So why try to copy and paste the same news? His site is the only PDA place where i can find any news about ALL PDA's in general. It's a great source of info. The message boards are great (at least the Epoc and Jornada threads i've been in are. I wouldn't check the Palm threads. For that i have PIC).

I doubt it's going anywhere anytime soon at all.

And to your statement about the register story, Wes discussed it in this thread yesterday -



Why must everyone want only one of everything? I read posts how people want PPC's to go away. Which is just plain stupid. The more choices the better. ALWAYS.

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2002 11:18:12 AM #
If you want general and broad PDA news, try http://www.infosync.com

It's heavily slanted toward MS, but it's much better than PDAbuzz.

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2002 11:19:28 AM #
Sorry. Mistake on the address.

It should be http://www.infosync.no/

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2002 11:20:22 AM #
"Wes discussed it in this thread yesterday "

That's my point. if Palm had done something like this, there would have been a big article on it on PDABuzz's front page. But its something negative about M$ so Wes' only comment is on page 3 of a discussion thread. Biased. Very biased.

If Wes wants to make a PPC only site, that's fine. In fact, that's exactly what he should do. But pretending to cover both Palm and PPC when he takes every opportunity to slam Palm and ignore Microsoft's faults is dishonest.

His new bosses at Handheld Media Group need to talk to him about this.

sub_tex @ 2/22/2002 11:27:54 AM #
Well that's just it. He doesn't just cover Palm and PPC. He covers all OS's. Linux, Symbian, etc. There's something wrong with this?

The afforementioned article isn't that big a deal to me. It's not amazing news. Very major Palm news has hit PDAbuzz before. For the minutia, you check out PIC. For PPC minutia, check out pocket pc thoughts or any of the other PPC sites.

There's been plenty PPC news that hasn't been on the front page either. Quit complaining about a site not having the same Palm news you find here.

"That's my point. if Palm had done something like this, there would have been a big article on it on PDABuzz's front page. But its something negative about M$ so Wes' only comment is on page 3 of a discussion thread. Biased. Very biased."

Well, no. You see it's on page 3 because that story broke yesterday and during that thread someone linked to it. And it was discussed.

You think it's front page news? I don't. I also notce here on PIC it's bundled with the 2 other small stories. PDAbuzz usually doesn't do the small news. Wes doesn't post as much as Ed.

I still don't see why he needs to be JUST one OS's news site. That's just plain dumb. But perhaps that would make it easier for you to complain about the page. Since no other OS or news can be good, but Palm news.


ColonelKlink @ 2/22/2002 11:35:06 AM #
Mind you, I've noticed a heavy anti-palm bias, but you're all being superficial... Heck, Wes just bought an i705 shortly after they came out, and heavily uses a Kyocera 6035.

I don't think it's Wes' intention to be anti-palm, I expect it has more to do with the site's owners being paid by Microsoft and restricting what Wes posts as newsworthy...

I still enjoy the site, and it is continually growing.

If you want to filter out any anti-Palm, pro-Microsoft news, here's a link for you:


I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2002 11:36:16 AM #
I'll agree with all those comments. PDABuzz does a good job of getting the latest PDA news up, but the insistance of putting an anti-Palm twist on every Palm related news article has really turned me off to the news part of their site. They may as well just post a permanent editorial about how everything Palm does is bad and whatever Microsoft does is great. Numerous people in the news threads complain about it and nobody listens. Their Palm related discussion forums and user reviews sections at PDABuzz are great though.

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2002 11:43:46 AM #
Yeah I agree,

I don't think Wes tries to be biased, but I do get a "biased" impression when I visit the site.

sub_tex @ 2/22/2002 12:01:31 PM #
"but I do get a "biased" impression when I visit the site."

yeah. I think the main reason why this is, when reading a thread for example, is that there aren't many hard core palm users posting there. Most of the Palm guys are here!

So you end up having a lot of non-Palm users posting.

But you do see some Palm enthusiasts keeping the fight up, which is nice to see since a lot of the negative posts come from misinformation (true on EVERY site i've seen).

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2002 12:19:08 PM #
Well, I know this sounds like I'm trolling for hits, but you might want to check out my site: http://www.pdahandyman.com. It's not complete yet and I have a lot of things to work on, but there are headlines from various sources on the home page. I have no biases. I slam faults in all mobile OSen :)

exiii @ 2/22/2002 12:33:48 PM #
You guys crack me up! There's no strong Palm bias here.;) Here, even Sony, Handspring, and Handera users routinely get bashed by pro-palm proponents.

And you know, while Wes is just one guy, he has over 25,000 registered members of his site. Among those are advocates for all platforms. And among those advocates, it does seem to ME that the PPC guys are much more aggressive and talk more trash than any of the other groups. And why not? - MS seems to reward this behavior with their MVP awards and little 'club perks'. These MS guys go to PDABuzz, because it is a multi-platform site, and that's where they can ruffle the most feathers, while getting "me too" pats on the back from less outspoken PPC users.

Here's my take on editor bias: I don't think Wes is biased, but truthfully, in my eyes it doesn't really matter. He's not a 'normal' PDA user (nor is PIC's Ed for that matter). Wes and Ed get paid to play with the latest stuff. I'm forced to buy my own tech toys, and try to get as much value and life out of them as I possibly can. And because it doesn't make sense for me to use more than one handheld, I have to compromise some of the 'wow-factor' stuff for the 'work-horse' features. It's like this in every industry. Editors talk about the 'WOW' stuff which is interesting because it's not the norm. But while that stuff is cool, because it's different, I will probably never use it or even want to pay for it.

I like PDA Buzz's open multi-platform format. I like that he's kept it open. One other 'multi-platform' site has tried to segregate the different platforms into sub-sites. As such, when I visit there, I feel isolated. I don't think it's very successfull, and this is apparent when you view the number of posts in the Palm and Palm-Powered forums.

But if you think it's too PPC biased you have two options: 1) become more outspoken on that site or 2) hide yourself in "Palm Propaganda Land".

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2002 1:11:29 PM #
Try Mark's Palm Place

No bias there!

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2002 4:28:10 PM #
Just one comment.

When we say PDABuzz is anti-Palm, we mean the articles that Wes wrote are heavily opinioned. A professional editors should avoid such a mistake, but some editors uses this technique to influences other people as well.

Also, we didn't mean that Wes doesn't cover PalmOS news. We just mean that we don't like the way he reports the news.

If you don't believe me, you can read the same news reported by Ed and Wes, and you can see the answer for yourself.

Off-Topic: CNN used to be a great source for news, but ever since 9/11 attacks, every world news articles is heavily pro-USA (or has a purpose behind it).

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2002 10:05:10 PM #
Count me as a "Yea" on the resolution that Wes reports the news in a very "anti-Palm" fashion. Wes tends to put a negative spin on whatever news he posts related to Palm. I'm not sure if it's his personal bias or the biases of his owners (which recently changed). In all fairness, ALL news outlets that are owned by other enterprises have a bias passed down to them from above.

I know Wes can't be up-front about this, but what I find truly insulting is his cry-baby insistence that "Palm is experiencing a lot of bad news lately" in defense of EVERY negative view he injects. He's either lying, or he's fooling himself. In the meantime, Wes also characterizes sites like PIC as "cheerleader" sites while calling his "objective." Gee, I wonder if he would admit that the REAL cheerleader sites out there are Pocket PC Passion and Pocket PC Thoughts?

I wish Wes were as objective as he SAYS he is...

Blues in stores

mikecane @ 2/22/2002 11:20:28 AM #
The Royal Blue T615 has been on sale in NYC at RCS and SonyStyle for the past week!

RE: Blues in stores
Foo @ 2/22/2002 11:33:25 AM #
Have you seen it? How would you describe the color tone? Was it a pale blue..bright blue..blue blue...huh???? =)

RE: Blues in stores
sub_tex @ 2/22/2002 11:34:44 AM #
Yeah, i went and checked it out since you had said it was there. It's really a nice machine. And yeah, the blue color looked different then what i had pictured as well.

RE: Blues in stores
phaedrus @ 2/22/2002 2:56:39 PM #
I ordered a blue T615C from SonyStyle last Friday, and received it on Tuesday.

RE: Blues in stores
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2002 4:35:01 PM #
Pity that they seem to be more concerned about the color of the case that the washed out screen. Sony, stop wasting my time with these gimmicks and get the screen right.

RE: Blues in stores
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2002 10:11:30 PM #
I'm not sure what you mean about the screen. I thought it looked excellent when I checked it out. I wish I had another $400 to blow.

RE: Blues in stores
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/23/2002 12:53:42 AM #
No, the screen IS washed out. I've got a blue one and I can tell quite easily that colors aren't as vibrant as they could be. Going from a Visor Prism to a CLIE T615C takes some getting used to. Blues aren't blue, they're sorta 'tealish'. Also (as has been reported elsewhere), reds are more brownish.

Seriously, try playing Bejewed on a T615C and a Prism, you'll notice a huge difference between all the jewels.

Am I upset about it? Considering that it also has a indoor/outdoor viewable 320x320 screen, 16MB RAM, slim design, jog wheel, built-in memory expansion, AND multimedia potential . . . not really, no. Screen colors aside, this is probably one of the best PalmOS devices I've seen in a long while.

It was available on eBay since few days ago!!

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2002 12:50:25 PM #

Palm's online support

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2002 1:19:00 PM #
It's a shame that they're discontinuing this service. Using this service was one of the most helpful and resourceful methods of "Palm Technical Support" I had experienced. Sure, it took a while, but the techs were VERY helpful and knowledgeable....I can't imagine being on the phone for 20, 30, or 40 minutes!

RE: Palm's online support
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2002 5:14:23 PM #
Funny. hehe
What a great time to discontinue support for the Palm. Exactly when the M125, the M130, and the M515 are going be announced, and introduced into Palm's product line. I am certainly never, ever going to buy a Palm.
-You make an SD slot, thats pretty much, USELESS!
-The M500 was a huge hype. I have it. it is the same exact freakin' palm as the Vx. Palm pullin' this gimmicks again.
-You introduce the M505, but what kind of M505? An M505, that SUCKS, with horrible color!!
-You now hear about rumors about the new 'M's', but no news has been announced from Palm. Even stores are rumored to have them!
-And now, Palm cancels their support for Palms. What a pity! Sony, Handspring, i'm moving out of Palm's court, and moving to your court.
Anyone want to make a counter, on everything I just said, GO AHEAD. Can't sway or even make fun of my opinion, now can you? You're only wasting bandwith and typing strength. :)

RE: Palm's online support
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2002 8:47:16 PM #
This just sucks. I will not pay $25 per tech case when my warranty runs out. This is the only useful support they did offer. I was going to get a new palm when OS 5 came out (if they improved the palm any) but now, I might was well go for an electronics mfg like Sony. Sorry , but the previous poster is right. Palm is sucking wind on this one. At least Sony USA support sucks (from what Sony Users Say) and we know it sucks, but Palm is really going down.

RE: Palm's online support
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2002 10:50:16 PM #
Certainly not a big Palm Support Fan, but couldn't resist the challenge: "Anyone want to make a counter, on everything I just said, GO AHEAD."

-You make an SD slot, thats pretty much, USELESS!

Useless? And why would that be? Because there's just memory cards available for it? Well, until recently the memory stick format was the same (only memory available) and now that the SD/IO stuff has been nailed down you'll start to see more and more for SD, not just memory (for instance, the Palm Bluetooth card)

-The M500 was a huge hype. I have it. it is the same exact freakin' palm as the Vx. Palm pullin' this gimmicks again.

Same as the Vx except for the expansion slot, vibrating alarms, blinking LED alarms (ok, so that *IS* useless, heh) and OS 4.0.

-You introduce the M505, but what kind of M505? An M505, that SUCKS, with horrible color!!

Certainly your opinion, however there are a lot of folks that think the m505 screens are perfectly acceptable. Again, personally, I'm not one of them but the point is there are a good number that do (and if you look at sales of 505's vs Clie, 505's are selling quite a bit more)

-You now hear about rumors about the new 'M's', but no news has been announced from Palm. Even stores are rumored to have them!

And this surprises you why? Must not be familiar with the way things work around these here Palm Parts. :) Since Palm has for the last couple years at least, tried to have products in the retail channels and available the day they announce them, sure you're going to start seeing them show up before they're announced, at places that don't honor their agreements with the company to hold them until announce date (or have an agreement that they can start selling them a few days before, I know some retailers do have that agreement). Rumors before product annoucements and even devices for sale is PAR FOR THE COURSE.

-And now, Palm cancels their support for Palms. What a pity! Sony, Handspring, i'm moving out of Palm's court, and moving to your court.

Palm isn't cancelling "support for Palms", just one support venue. One that isn't offered at all by Sony or Handspring, and wasn't always offered by Palm. Chat support sounds good, and the folks that it helps love it. However, unfortunately, the chat software and people on the other end of the line make a big difference in the customer experience and from everything I've read most folks using Palm's chat support walked away frustrated. Hopefully, cancelling chat support will allow them to concentrate that money on the other free support options (web and email).

My 2 cents.

RE: Palm's online support
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/23/2002 2:50:35 AM #
Yes, the m50x series is so terrible that Sony decided to copy it (T415 is exhibit A and T615 is exhibit B). What is that old saying about immitation being the sincerest form of flattery.

The continual negative posts on this website by Sony's guerilla marketers is getting to be a little tiresome.

Sony Copying Palm
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/23/2002 9:11:21 AM #
> Yes, the m50x series is so terrible that Sony
> decided to copy it (T415 is exhibit A and T615
> is exhibit B). What is that old saying about
> immitation being the sincerest form of flattery.

You think that the Clie T415/T615 are copies of the Palm m50x series?


You are seriously delusional. What exactly did Sony copy? The smaller, thinner form factor? There's absolutely no other similarities besides that.

Are you saying that Palm revolutionized the idea of the smaller, thinner form factor? Was every other company out there trying to make their Palms as big as possible, but saw the light when Palm made a smaller PDA?

Umm, no.


RE: Palm's online support
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/23/2002 10:17:23 AM #
I agree that Palm Chat Support Techs SUCK. Their software sucks it keeps "losing the last post, can you repeat that" what a load. I work in IT and they should have a better run operation as far as that goes. But the fact that it was the only "FREE", "REAL TIME" help (sort of) that you could get without paying $25 for a product (M505) that had considerable QC problems.

I inquired about MultiMail Pro, bought the company out in June 2000. They web page has you email Palm support for help. I went to chat support, asked about the program as I was having trouble with it. During the conversation the tech said to me that they don't support it, it isn't a Palm Program. I told her that it was and that they bought it out in June 2000 and their web site says to contact Palm Support. You know what the helpful tech did. She terminated my chat session, because she was lying and she new it. Unfortunately Palm doesn't offer a toll free
1-800-UP-YOURS number so you can tell them.

Palm is losing money and they are trying to cut costs. So stop making a bad product, improve, it then rename it, and then sell it a year later. Guess that is why they will lose hardware market share to their competitors. They probably won't be the first out with OS 5 and Hi Res screens this year.

RE: Palm's online support
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/24/2002 10:52:37 AM #
Cancelling the interactive support venue is not
a big deal. There is so much support information
available on-line that it probably was deemed not
feasable to man computer screens with a bunch of
PDA geeks to answer questions that were already
published. Likely, 95% of the questions they


I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2002 11:33:41 PM #
They have excellent techsupport!
when i complained about the Splash ID not having find function theyre responded right away and made an update! now thats what i call techsupport!


I.M. Anonymous @ 2/23/2002 10:11:49 AM #
I have SplashID, SplashPhoto, any time I have had a question or a conduit problem, which is usually my user error they have been quick to help. Updates are free, and hey make a great product with great interaces on the desktop.

Someone said $25...

Quik_Fix @ 2/23/2002 3:54:52 AM #
To make a long story short, a hot sync was interrupted during an OS update on my bosses's Vx and the Palm was totally ruined. In a fit, he gave me the Palm and the number for Palm support and told me "to fix it". When I called Palm, I heard all sorts of warnings that I may be charged $25 for support, but it never happened. I was on the phone with someone for about 15-20 minutes, while he explained to me that my boss was now in posession of the nice lookin' paperweight.

So I don't know how the $25 thing works, but I didn't get charged.

Losing the chat help is a shame, but I don't think it's anything to get upset about.

...In accordance with the prophecy...


Blue t615c

vincenzosi @ 2/23/2002 1:42:27 PM #
Okay let me get this straight. Palm makes a Blue and Red M505 and gets jumped on for it as a stupid marketing gimmick. Sony does it and you hear comments praising Sony. What's the deal? Isn't something stupid just stupid, period?

RE: Blue t615c
vincenzosi @ 2/23/2002 1:44:10 PM #
By the way, the praising comments aren't necessarily here, just in general. Sorry for any confusion.

RE: Blue t615c
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/23/2002 2:02:36 PM #
Yeah, don't you know? Sony can do no wrong around here, and Palm can do no right. Palm does it, it's a stupid marketing gimmick. Sony does it, it's visionary design.

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