Quickies: Memory Sticks, Sony Styli Fix, PUGs, PalmGear

Lexar Media is going to release a new line of enhanced Memory Sticks. These will have a translucent purple shell and a built-in LED that 'lights when it writes' to reduce the risk of corrupting data by removing the card while it is reading or writing. Cliés have a read/write LED but many other devices don't. They will be available in 32, 64 and 128MB starting sometime in March. -nXt

Clie World UK has an innovative solution for Sony users whose styli keeps falling out.. -Nicos

The San Francisco Palm User Group meets tonight to review PalmSource and have AstraWare prize giveaways. -Tony Ching

A new PUG has been started called VillePUG. It is based at Millersville University in PA. -Twizza

PalmGear is currently offline. -Chris Lyons
Update: It is working again.

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Picture of the enahnced MemoryStick?

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/28/2002 10:45:00 AM #
Follow the link I only see bunch of text description, is there any other source I can see how this new MS look like ?

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/28/2002 11:37:15 AM #

Knight Rider

mtg101 @ 2/28/2002 10:47:28 AM #
Why doesn't someone make a MS with a row of LEDs - that can be cycled from left to right; so my Clie can look like Kit :-)

RE: Knight Rider
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/28/2002 10:49:31 AM #
THat would be awesome!
and by the way, its "Kitt"

RE: Knight Rider
mtg101 @ 2/28/2002 11:16:57 AM #
OK - if you want to get pedantic it's "KITT" - as it's an acronym :-P


RE: Knight Rider
crustyedgeofinnovation @ 2/28/2002 11:18:43 AM #
that would be wicked, the coolest pda on the block...

RE: Knight Rider
swinginjonny @ 2/28/2002 11:59:49 AM #
This is the perfect example of a way-out-there comment that some people might bag on as being off-topic or useless...but it brightened my whole day!
Thanks for the thought,



I.M. Anonymous @ 2/28/2002 10:46:07 AM #
Is looking real bad for PalmGear. I like them so much better than Handango, but there service & support of developers has been in the gutter lately.

They do not respond to e-mails, and they keep having server problem which makes it hard to use them. No-one from PalmGear even showed up at PalmSource this year. You would think they are hiding or something.

I'd love a rebuttal from someone at PalmGear. Something along the lines of "we are aware that there have been difficulties over the past months, and we are working hard to restore the trust that developers have given us in the past. We are taking these specific steps to fix the problems..." now, that would be nice.

RE: PalmGear
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/28/2002 11:00:33 AM #
Kenny West has posted something along those lines on several sites (this one included I believe), but he has blamed everything on the lawsuit without accepting personal responsibility for PalmGear's downward spiral and mistreatment of developers. If it goes, PalmGear will be sorely missed but perhaps something better will come along... (Handango certainly isn't it.)

PalmGear back online
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/28/2002 11:33:16 AM #

RE: PalmGear
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/28/2002 11:34:38 AM #
works when I tried it at 11:30 AM on the east coast

RE: PalmGear
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/28/2002 1:49:50 PM #
Just a quick notice/clarification to all of our visitors and software developers. From around 4 AM to 8:30 AM Pacific Time, we had major server problems which have now been resolved. We at PalmGear would like to apologize to any visitors and developers who were unable to access our site during the early AM hours today.

Thanks always for your support as we work continually to improve our site and make visiting PalmGear.com an experience all will continue to enjoy!

The PalmGear.com Team

RE: PalmGear
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/2/2002 12:05:24 AM #
PalmGear is my favorite apps site, but I tried adding a ThinkDB plugin I made and they said they would email me saying they accepted. That was like a month ago and I still havent gotten anything. Frankly, I'm quite angry. My thinkdb addin is a Hunting Log, and you can download it here:


Great CLIÉ stylus tip!

jjsoh @ 2/28/2002 10:50:06 AM #
I don't personally have one, but my brother does and he's been complaining about the stylus being too loose (with the occasional slip out). This is definitely going to help him out.

Thanks for the tips guys.

RE: Great CLIÉ stylus tip!
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/28/2002 11:12:32 AM #
I used the stylus fix and works great.
Again, remember that the lighter must be EMPTY before you open it up, or else it'll blow up in your face and cause bodily injury.

RE: Great CLIÉ stylus tip!
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/28/2002 7:02:15 PM #
Another case of user ingenuity making up for Sony's incompetence.

If their engineers spent as much time on their products as they do posting messages to websites like these, maybe CLIE users would not have to deal with issues like this.

RE: Great CLIÉ stylus tip!
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/28/2002 7:10:48 PM #
"If their engineers spent as much time on their products as they do posting messages to websites like these, maybe CLIE users would not have to deal with issues like this."

You know what the funny thing is ?? they probably can't even read english

RE: Great CLIÉ stylus tip!
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/1/2002 1:11:33 AM #

You can see a very good tips form Thai Palm Users Group website. I've post article on how to avoid lost your Clie stylus. http://www.tpug.org/TipsandTricks/7.htm

it only in Thai Language, but you will see how to do it from pictures.


Webmaster Thai Palm Users Group

come on.....

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/28/2002 11:18:13 AM #
oh come one Lexar, we don't need no stinking MS with LED...the built-in LED indicator already indicates if the MS is being accessed...when are you coming out with 256MB and 512MB ones??? come on!!!!

RE: come on.....
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/28/2002 11:41:32 AM #
> the built-in LED indicator already indicates if the MS is being accessed

Not on my digital camera.

RE: come on.....
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/28/2002 4:10:55 PM #
I second the guy. I also think we need BIGGER memory sticks, I've got already LED in my clie, just give me more memory, cheap!

RE: come on.....
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/28/2002 7:58:13 PM #

Any recent news on when we should be expecting bigger MS memory sizes... 256, 512, etc. I agree with the above posters. LEDs??? That's an interesting idea, but I'd really be more interested in larger cards. Anyone here any recent news on release dates for these higher capacity MS?

RE: come on.....
rolando @ 3/1/2002 11:40:37 AM #
If the LEDs are bright enough, it might be cool to have some hack that makes it flash when an alarm sounds (I have an N-series...). Sort of like the TaleLight (or is it TailLight?). I know it would usually be pointing the other direction, but still...

Anything to help get my attention in a meeting without telling the world that I've got an alarm going off...


Stylist fixes - from the world of darts and plumbing

dmoody @ 2/28/2002 11:58:47 AM #
These 'O' rings are readily available from both your dart supply (for keeping the two sections of a dart together) and for specialty plumbing needs - like Lowe's and Home Depot.

The last time I saw someone dismantle a lighter, they had a hot time as a result.

Besides, it's time to stop smoking around your Palm - second hand smoke is bad for it's health you know...

RE: Stylist fixes - from the world of darts and plumbing
zigzago @ 2/28/2002 1:55:05 PM #
Yes, I bought some similar O rings recently for repairing a washerless faucet.

Why didnt you guys release ths earlier.....

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/1/2002 7:38:44 AM #
I was just walking along.... my clie in my hand.... on the 3rd floor of my college... when the stylus flew out of my slot.... and landed on the floor.... in three pieces....
I went into the computer lab... and saw this msg....!



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