The Palm IIIc is here!

Head right on over to the color Palm IIIc is officially here! Palm also launched this morning the IIIxe, the Palm Pocket Keyboard, and a new unlimited service plan for (I'm going to make it my personal mission to find a IIIc in a store today, let us know what you come up with... -@) Update: (8pm) Mission accomplished! I found a Palm IIIc at a local Franklin Covey store. Of all the retailers I called they were the only store that had them in. They sold all 8 in one day. I will be posting a detailed review later. My first impression is that the screen is absolutely gorgeous. Color really makes a big difference. There's also a review at MSNBC, a story at CNET, a piece on /. and finally ZDNet has a review as well.

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Back ordered!

Numlock @ 2/22/2000 12:32:01 PM #
The IIIc is backordered on Palm's own webstore! Every retailer I've called is also on backorder or expects them in in a week!
RE: Back ordered!
Vance @ 2/25/2000 4:14:34 PM #
Franklin Covey store have them in stock and available for immediate delivery on their website. I got mine on Wednesday and The screen is great. Looking forward to nmore apps that utilize the color display. High five for the plam IIIc

Palm III Color - what about the other members?

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/22/2000 12:39:59 PM #
i wonder if we, the Palm V, would be able to upgrade to color??? jkl

Found them in Chicago

Larry @ 2/22/2000 1:45:41 PM #
I just found a retailer in the Chicago area with multiple locations who has the Palm IIIc in stock. They are going to hold one for me and I'm picking it up on my way home from work. Price is $449. They said they had 8 in stock and got them on Friday. I can hardly wait to get my hands on it. I have a meeting from 4:00-7:30, Should I cancel it and go home early? :)

If you'd like the location drop me an e-mail at


RE: Found them in Chicago
reidjazz @ 2/22/2000 3:19:15 PM #
Definitely. GO HOME EARLY!!!

Bad news

NumLock @ 2/22/2000 11:49:54 PM #
Looks like HackMaster is fully INCOMPATIBLE with the color OS3.5. I can't get any hacks to work!
RE: Bad news
Larry @ 2/23/2000 9:34:08 AM #
Not really,

I've gotten Middle Caps Hack and Keyboard Hack to work.

Quiet Sync Hack caused a fatal reset error.

It's just a matter of trying each one out to see what works and what doesn't.


Palm IIIc, My Initial Thoughts

Larry @ 2/23/2000 10:24:12 AM #
All right, I picked up my Palm IIIc yesterday from Franklin Covey in Chicago. Cost was $449. Right off the bat I should point out a very important thing. Franklin Covey sells ďFranklin Covey EditionĒ versions of all their Palms. The IIIc is no exception. What does this mean? The Franklin Covey edition IIIc comes with Coveyís own PIM. Is does not come with the Palm Desktop. The Palm desktop which is shipped with the IIIc to other retailers also includes five add ons. Color applications made specifically for the IIIc. These include, backgammon, Avantgo, a power calculator, photo viewer and giraffe. I was able however, to easily download and install all of these applications on to my Palm via the Palm web site. So no problem there for me, but if you want the Palm Desktop right away as well as the other apps, and donít want to download, donít buy from Franklin Covey, wait for another retailer.

Iíll say this, the screen is amazing. Right out of the box my brightness was set at about 25% as well, I havenít had to move it yet. Itís as clear as can be. The colors are bright and vivid. Moving the brightness control up does make the screen almost blinding :) The add on applications which I previously mentioned really show off the Palmís colors. The power calculator is truly a site to be seen. And the photo viewer show a sailboat which is incredible. When the unit is off the screen is almost pitch black. When the unit is on, itís like having a color backlighted screen 24/7. I had an E-100 (I know I did jump ship for CE, but came back to Palm) and I feel the screen is much clearer. The E-100 was great with the backlight on, only ok with it off (IMHO.) With the IIIc the screen looks like the E-100 with itís backlight on. Only time will tell how this effects the battery. All the icons are now in color. However, any third party software I installed shows icons in black and white. One thing I have noticed so far as well. Most third party applications I have installed appear in B&W with small amounts of color thrown in, like in the tittle bar. Datebk3 however, appears in color. Must be because it pulls from the included datebook application.

There is a slight delay when the unit is powered on, as the screen refreshes. Itís not long enough to be bothersome though. I plan to use the IIIc without recharging it for the first week so I can gauge battery life. Iíll post that information when I get it.

Size wise Iím slightly disappointed. But Iím a Palm Vx user so thatís probably why. I was previously a Palm V user so Iím really used to the sleek V series. The IIIc matches the size of the Palm VII. It seems to me a bit longer or taller the Palm III and IIIx. The left side of the screen boarder is slightly larger than the right side, I have no idea why this is, it just seems strange but Iím sure Palm had a reason for it. I put the IIIc in my shirt pocket this morning and have almost started to forget it is even there. So if youíre already an III series user, the switch will not be a problem for you. If you are a V series user, itíll take some adjusting.

The scroll buttons are separated like the older Palm Pilot, and the application buttons are slightly recessed. I like the unitís almost black color. The unit comes with one stylus, it is the same one which ships with the III except itís kind of silver and black instead of silver and gray. It has a flip cover just like the III as well. I tried most of the III series cases Franklin had in stock and most of them worked with the IIIc. So were tighter fits then others but I did notice Palm has three cases specifically for the IIIc on their web site.

Some programs I could not get to work with the new OS are Mah Jongg (my favorite game), :) Hackmaster works so far with Middle Caps Hack and Keyboard Hack. Quiet Sync Hack caused a fatal reset error. Iíve already installed, Documents to Go, Quo Vadis, Datebk3, Cryptinfo. Covert-It, Gulliver, Zagats, Big Clock, Launch ĎEm2, Mobile DB (with four databases), Pool, Pocket Chess, Tiger, Avantgo, Backgammon, Power Calculator, Photo Viewer, Hackmaster (Middle Caps and Keyboard) and they all work fine.

There is no cover on the serial port on the back of the unit, as there is with the III. Not sure why Palm chose to leave this out. Youíll just have to be mindful of dust and debris getting back there. The cradle is very similar to that of the III, that cheap lightweight plastic, except it is black. Also there is a separate power cord, which plugs directly into the serial cable, just like the five series. The charge light is directly atop the unit, and stays red until the unit is charged then turn off.

All in all, although itís only been 12 hours, I think the IIIc is pretty cool. Iím not yet sure if Iím willing to trade the sleek form factor of my Vx and my OmniSky modem for the color screen of the IIIc, but it sure is tempting. I have been wanting a back up Palm to store all my key business data. I have been having some crash issues while beta testing the Omnisky modem, and itíll certainly qualify as that. The screen in two words is Simply Awesome!Ē

RE: Palm IIIc, My Initial Thoughts
James Fahey @ 2/28/2000 12:07:11 AM #
I own both a Palm Vx & E-100 Casio. Although the lure of color got me to try it, very disappointed, too big, dosen't work in sunlight and above all, kinda toy like. The Palm color fad will wane, memory and connectivity to web via wireless much higher on the want scale. Dream palm would be switchable color between standard gray or color in a package as big/small as a Palm V. Until then I will wait.

What's that hundle over under the shade tree? A group of color PDA users trying to read their screens.

RE: Palm IIIc, My Initial Thoughts
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/17/2001 2:03:12 AM #
I own a Palm 3c for sometime now, and having heard that joke u made against colour Palm users, it really made me see red.

The screen on the Palm 3c isn't exactly perfect, but it surely beats the crap out of any monochrome Palm out there in the shade (where it matters most). Most of the green backlight that I have seen on Palm Vs so far is not exactly smooth. It has some small dark patches here and there. I've been using a Palm 3 for awhile and I have seen monochromes evolve. The green backlight saves a lot of energy but is hideous compared to the white background of a Palm 3c.

Ok, so it works under the sunlight but I am not going blind using my palm 3c either. Why would I want to use my pda while on the move under the sun anyway? It's a silly thing, I'd rather keep my eyes on the road, thank you very much.

Until the Palm m505 is available, it's the best screen around for palms. Although it is admitted that the 256 colour screen does pictures no justice, I'd say it is at least far better than the usual monochromes.

The white background is so much easier to read and work on. I dont really mind if it isn't quite as small as the Vs or some other PDAs cause it is not like people carry 3 PDAs, 1 laptop computer and a briefcase around. There is plenty of room for a size difference that minute.

Well, when someone starts comparing how small their Palm is, it's not them talking, it's their ego. If u want style over substance, go get a pocketPC.

I will be waiting for the Palm m505 to be available...
it'll be the ABSOLUT PALM.

Color Palm Vx

Texas @ 2/25/2000 6:37:42 PM #
Does anyone have any scoop about the release of a color Vx? Dying to know!

Whither the Color Palm IIIC ?

Frustrated in Ohio @ 2/27/2000 12:13:11 AM #
I live in central Ohio and have been unable to find the color palm anywhere. You'd think that in a million plus population city there'd be some chain with a color palm, but so far nothing. I haven't had any more luck looking online. If anybody out there knows where I can get one, please post it!
RE: Whither the Color Palm IIIC ?
atomic212 @ 2/27/2000 1:40:15 AM #
Did you try a Fanklin Covey store? (" CLASS=NEWS> ) they seem to be the first brick & mortar retailer to have them.

Re: Whither the Palm IIIc

Mark HB @ 2/27/2000 12:37:50 PM #
Look on the bright side. I live near and work in London (yes, the English one). A cultural hotspot to be sure, seething with nigh five million people - but a technological wasteland. Away missions to the US to buy IIIc units are _definately_ in my trusty IIIx's datebook...




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