Palm Offers Discounted Developer Phones

palm discount webos Palm Inc. has reintroduced its developer purchase program. The program offers developers a small discount on certain webOS phones when purchased directly from Palm.

The developer purchase program gives registered Palm developers in the U.S. and Canada a 20% discount on the current array of webOS devices. The prices are based on the full retail price, so don't expect to see any post rebate/subsidy price tags. The models currently offers are also all CDMA and still come locked to each particular carrier.

The site currently lists the Verizon Pre Plus for $479, Sprint Pre for $439, and the Pixi and Pixi Plus for $319.

The offer also comes with free 2 day shipping. Developers will still be responsible to setup and activation fees (if any) and the service plan.

Palm's small print states the offer is good "while supplies last" or through the end of April 2010 and the discount is limited to one device per customer.

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