HP Offers $50 Gift Cards with Palm Purchases

hp gift card for palm webos Earlier this month we discussed the addition of the full line of Palm's WebOS-based smartphones to HP's Wireless Central online phone store. Now HP has sweetened the offer even further by adding a free $50 gift card to the HP Home & Home Office Store with any of the "free" AT&T webOS smartphones with a 2-year contract.

No official date is set for the end of the promotion but as always, it's a limited "while supplies last " offer. The blue AT&T Pixi Plus and Verizon and Sprint phones are not part of this promotion. AT&T's Pre Plus and Pixi Plus are the newest webOS handsets, officially hitting the market in May of this year.

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See how much FREE will cost you

rcartwright @ 7/28/2010 10:42:49 AM # Q
I looked into this and its a great deal for a new customer but for an upgrading ATT customer not so so much. After being told that I would have to change my package and that I could not keep my grandfathered data plan I checked Amazon Wireless and for $49.99 and free shipping I could keep everything. Bottom Line:

$49.99-$9.99 S&H Amazon cost $40.00 plus savings of @$30.00 on plan each month.

HP (But really a 3rd party company) Free phone (value it $49.99) and $50.00=$99.99 HP gift card and plan that cost @ $30 more a month. In three months time I break even and save over $600 during the next 2 years. YMMV
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RE: See how much FREE will cost you
Gekko @ 7/29/2010 8:08:00 AM # Q

a few more in suckers' hands and less for the landfill hopefully.

RE: See how much FREE will cost you
rmhurdman @ 7/30/2010 8:01:01 AM # Q
I'm jumping ship. I've just ordered my iPhone 4, the first mobile phone I've bought in years. A fond farewell to everything Palm!
RE: See how much FREE will cost you
LiveFaith @ 7/31/2010 7:08:47 AM # Q
Phenominal device no doubt. Just checked one out that my friend got the other day. That is a beautiful piece of hardware. Not a friend of the walled garden philosophy, but that things pretty hot right outta the box.

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HP moving forward

linds @ 7/31/2010 6:59:22 AM # Q
HP has to get as many people to WEB OS as possible by offering these gimmicks until web os 2 is released and they give people real reasons to jump ship.

It is going to be so interesting to see this Mobile OS race play out. I don't think it is going to be like the desktop OS where we had a clear winner with Windows. Since people change phones every 2 years or even sooner it is going to be a lot harder to keep people from jumping ship. Of course if people have a large inventory of paid apps that is going to be a holding point but with so many good free add-supported apps,.... that also plays into things.

I do think that we are just at the very beginnings and all players still have a shot. Apple, HP, Microsoft, RIM, Nokia, and Google all duking it out, what a joyous day and age to live in.

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