More Palm OS Apps Demo'd on Classic

Classic Palm PreMotionApps has posted a new video demo of its webOS Palm OS simulator. The video clip shows a couple of frequently requested Palm OS titles running on a Pre with the Classic app. You can checkout the 2 minute video after the break. In addition, the company has also posted a new Classic screenshot gallery which shows even more Palm OS apps on the Pre.

MotionApp's Classic application will allow users to run Palm OS applications on the Palm Pre. Classic will be available from the on device Palm App Catalog at launch.

Thanks, PreCentral.

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justauser @ 6/2/2009 6:56:48 PM # Q
I'm assuming Agendus alarms will work via Pre's alarm notification system (ie dismiss without disruption to current application).

Agendus a lot quicker than my experience on my 680.

Mind you, I think there'd have to be something severely wrong with the Pre time management apps for me to revert back to Garnet based apps.

RE: Alarms
erazer @ 6/2/2009 7:18:19 PM # Q
The new "time management" WebOS apps and other apps like contacts, tasks etc will be super I'm sure but I'm going to need training wheels for a while so it's nice that we will have the old Palm OS apps to help with that :)
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