PalmInfocenter Store Gift Certificates

PIC eGift CertificatesStill looking for a gift for that wonderful gadget freak in your life? The PalmInfocenter store has eGift certificates available good for all software and accessories in our store. Our eGift certificates are redeemable for thousands of items, such as Treo cases, Bluetooth headsets, memory cards and a wide selection of software applications, making them the ideal gift for the holidays. The gift certificates are available at various increments from $15 to $200 dollars.

Purchasing is very simple. Just go to the Gift Certificate page in our store and select the gift amount. On checkout you’ll be asked for the recipients name and email address. You also get to enter a personalized message and the date of delivery. On the specified date the certificate will be delivered directly to the recipient. Ideal for last minute gifts or remote family and friends!

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