Palm Centro Multifunction Pen Stylus

Aftermarket accessory aces Seidio are again hard at work to release a new line of peripherals for Palm's latest smartphone, the Centro, as it has a unique stylus shape, formfactor, and battery design not shared with any other Treo models. The Centro has been the rather surprising recipient of praise left amongst both new and veteran smartphone users alike. However, one of the chief complaints (mentioned by Ryan in his Centro review) leveled at the device has been its toothpick-sized, flimsy plastic stylus. Seidio now is one of the first companies with an all-metal bodied replacement stylus for the Centro.

As an added bonus, this new stylus has an integrated black ink ballpoint pen. The Seidio Centro stylus is available in single pack ($6.95 + $3.95 shipping) or three pack ($17.95 + $4.95 shipping). Orders are currently shipping now.

Centro Stylus

Last year I reviewed a selection of aftermarket Treo 650/700-series replacement styli and found the Seidio Multifunction Stylus to be the best of the lot, so I would definitely feel comfortable purchasing the Centro version from Seidio. Seidio has also advised that they are working on a Centro-specific external battery charger that will be available soon. No ETA on extended capacity Centro batteries, unfortunately.

The Palm Centro is currently available only for the Sprint CDMA network but is rumored to be arriving in a GSM version soon.

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