WebOS Programming Book Chapter 7 Now Available

webos bookChapter by chapter, Palm has been rolling out new sections of their new WebOS programming guidebook, Palm webOS: Developing Applications in JavaScript Using the Palm Mojo Framework".

Mere days after we reported on the availability of Chapter 6, Chapter 7 of the book has just been released as part of the Rough Cuts work-in-progress e-book series from Safari Books Online.

Palm's WebOS programming guide is published by O-Reilly Media and is written by Palm's Vice President and Software CTO Mitch Allen along with Palm's WebOS Development Team. The book has also now received a firm release date of August 15th, according to Amazon's pre-order page.

The new chapter 7 portion of the book concerns Application Services. Of note is WebOS' ability to allow apps to interact with one another and even perform tasks such as launching the web browser or dial a phone number or even activate the device's camera and take a photo from within an application. One could imagine that becoming rather useful for checking for version updates to application and games, for example. Future entertainment titles on the Pre could even rival the Nintendo DSi's ability to take photos to "skin" in-game characters or avatars, for example.

Of course the usual components of Synergy are also detailed such as pulling contacts and e-mail addresses from various locations. Unfortunately, PreCentral reports that the book suggests that there is no native file browser available from within WebOS, so this is another aspect where the aged Palm OS Garnet with either the included Files app or the superior Filez program offer yet another benefit currently unavailable to WebOS-based devices.

(Thanks, Precentral.)

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