More Best Buy Pre Launch Details and Treo Pro News

Att Treo ProRetail giant Best Buy has weathered the economic storm far better than most rival electronics retailers, arguably due to implementing customer-friendly perks such as the Reward Zone gift certificate program and banishing mail-in rebates in 2005. With the earlier confirmation that they will be offering the Pre with a guaranteed $100 instant rebate at the time of purchase, Best Buy looks to be the most appealing initial destination for would-be Pre owners.

The Boy Genius Report has just posted a short Q&A with Scott Anderson, director of merchandising at Best Buy Mobile. In short, Mr. Anderson confirmed that every one of the nearly 1000 Best Buy Mobile stores will carry the Palm Pre beginning June 6th, though he declined to comment on how many units each store would stock.

The BGR interview also confirms that there will be no pre-order program in place at Best Buy but the stores will issue rainchecks to customers once initial Pre inventories become depleted. The interview did echo Sprint CEO Dan Hesse's comments in that Best Buy are expecting a Pre shortage for its first 4-8 weeks of availability.

Treo Pro Best Buy Discount

In other Best Buy news, the $249.99 AT&T- subsidized Treo Pro we reported on last week looks to now be nationwide after making a prominent appearance in this current weekly sales flyer. The same price is also applicable to existing customers eligible for qualified upgrade pricing.

As some users have speculated, the eagerly-anticipated Pre could be creating a halo effect for current Phone smartphones like the Treo Pro as well as future devices such as the rumored Palm Eos.

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