Copytalk Puts Info Into Handhelds With the Power of Voice

Copytalk is a new service that lets users create e-mail, appointments, contacts, to-dos, memos and expenses by calling a toll-free number and dictating the item. A Copytalk staff person types in the info which is entered onto the handheld either wirelessly or during the next HotSync.

It will be available in October and offered on a subscription basis with a variety of service plans, starting with a $25 per month plan that supports any combination of up to 60 short emails, 100 to-dos, or 25 contacts.

Copytalk takes natural dictation and sends emails as though they were created on the subscriber’s desktop and puts appointments, contacts, to-dos, and expense items into the Palm as though they were entered by hand. A small additional application is required but the service mostly uses the built-in apps.

While Copytalk will be sold directly to the user, it is not aimed at the broad consumer marketplace – at least not in its early incarnations – but at business users. The company, also called Copytalk, believes the service will be most useful for mobile professionals who are often traveling or otherwise away from their PC.

"Mobile executives live and die by their email and the information in their PDAs" said Jim Forbes, producer of the DEMOmobile conference, "and they need to send emails and create appointments, to-dos or contact information in the car, standing in line at the airport, and other places where it's easy to use a phone, but difficult or impossible to type or write. Copytalk's ability to let users get work done by just dictating over the phone is unique and increases productivity."

The service was demonstrated at the DEMOMobile conference last week. Copytalk's CEO, Norman Worthington, and VP of Marketing, Robert Lincoln, were named “DEMO Gods” at the close of the conference. The two launched the service at a live session on Thursday.

The DEMO God awards are given to those demonstrators who show great products in a compelling way. “We gave Copytalk the DEMO God Award ‘for bravery in the face of new technology and a random volunteer,’” said DEMOmobile executive producer Chris Shipley. “They not only demonstrated the power of the service, but did it in a way that was very entertaining.”

During the demonstration, a member of the audience was brought on stage and dictated a short email, which she retrieved and read at the end of the five minute demonstration.

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