PalmSource Day 1: A Slight Delay

Things are a bit confused here at the PalmSource conference. There has been a power outage affecting the entire city block the San Jose Convention Center is on. This has thrown PalmSource's schedule a bit awry.

The first keynote address from David Nagel originally scheduled for 10 am Pacific time, has been moved to 1 pm. This has left hundreds of attendees milling around with nothing to do for a couple of hours. Everyone is being patient though, possibly because lunch will still be served on time.

There is a joking rumor being circulated that Microsoft is responsible for sabotaging the power. A more likely culprit is the large construction project going on next door. Palm employees are working to find portable generators in case regular power isn't restored by 1 pm.

David Nagel is the President and CEO of the new Palm OS subsidiary, also called PalmSource. His first keynote will be about the spinoff of PalmSource.

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Light sockets and forks

Dearman @ 2/5/2002 2:56:44 PM #
ED didn't they tell you not to put Mr.Fork in Mrs.light sockets? bad Ed bad.. j/K
i hope this isn't a preview of OS5

RE: Light sockets and forks
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/5/2002 3:04:31 PM #
Very clever, and well said. Laughter is becoming the best medicine in this arena.

Damn Microsoft!

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/5/2002 3:17:15 PM #
There is only one company that can totally destroy any event or software through a single memo: Microsoft. I'm sure that they sabotaged PalmSource to show superiority. Sickening.

RE: Damn Microsoft!
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/5/2002 3:29:20 PM #
Yes. I also believe that. However, from this month on, pocket pc's epitaph is set up

RE: Damn Microsoft!
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/5/2002 4:07:26 PM #
That's pretty funny.

RE: Damn Microsoft!
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/5/2002 4:10:00 PM #
Your stupidity blinds you.

'Nuf said.

RE: Damn Microsoft!
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/5/2002 4:25:07 PM #
Whatever, the poweroutage just remind us the importance of the power on PDA!!!! So you better to get a device that can live long, such as my TRGpro, can up 3 weeks by one pair of battery! :)

RE: Damn Microsoft!
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/5/2002 5:01:44 PM #
Please don't blame MSFT for everything. If Nagel shoots himself in the a$$, are you going to blame MSFT for that too??? LOOK WITHIN.

RE: Damn Microsoft! NO WIN CE CLONE in OS 5
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/5/2002 5:04:02 PM #
Hi, there.

It's a funny joke about MS ;-)
BUT: I strongly hope that Palm OS 5 will NO Windows CE Clone. If Mr. Nagel decided to do so... Palm will loose Market Share and soon it will be History.
Let them have done (oh, my english...) a real great improved OS with SMALL new units in this lovely Palmfactor!



ok, I'm the german guy, so don't blame me for my english ;-)

RE: Damn Microsoft!
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/6/2002 1:14:45 PM #
Heh. No, Microsoft wouldn't have sabotaged the power at would give everyone a chance to be grateful for the Palm's longer battery life. :D

--rueyeet (registered, but lazy)

Nothing to do??

volcanopele @ 2/5/2002 5:47:11 PM #
"This has left hundreds of attendees milling around with nothing to do for a couple of hours."

Nothing to do? Nothing to do? You are a bunch of bored people with Palms in your pockets likely with at least a few games. Share some IR games and get the Monopoly tournament started (or WorldWar tournament or Extratime tournament).




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