Future Palms to Sport ARM Processors

Palm CEO Carl Yankowski made several important statements today at the Palm executive summit. He reiterated earlier announcements about Palm moving to have all their handhelds be wireless in one form or another but took it a step further, hinting that Palm will become mostly a wireless service provider. "Devices are critical, but they are a means to an end," he said. "We're on the cusp of what I believe is a wireless revolution." He also said that in the near future some of the company's palmtops will be powered by processors from ARM, which are significantly more powerful than the Motorola chips Palms currently boast. This will allow them to do much more processor intensive tasks. In fact, Yankowski announced that by the end of the year, the company will release a voice-activated product. More details are available here. It's rumored that the ARM chips will run off Palm OS 4 which is said to have support for different processors, different size displays and screen resolutions and more than 8 megs of ram.

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Nothing new under the sun...

ervino@iol.it @ 4/25/2000 6:06:48 AM #
So, AAMOF, the palm CEO announce that they plan to fulfill the Apple Newton promises, starting with the processor brand. I dunno if laugh or cry. THREE DARN YEARS LOST thank to Mr. Guenius Jobs!!! :(((


Battery Life

ed@palminfocenter.com @ 4/25/2000 9:45:34 AM #
While I'm thrilled at the possibilities of faster processors and larger screens, I'm a little nervous about what affect this is going to have on the Palm's battery life. One of the best parts of my Palm IIIx is that it really will run for weeks of heavy usage on a couple of cheap AAAs. I don't want a Palm that will require me to bring replacement batteries on a long plane flight. I gave up my laptop to escape that hassle.
RE: Battery Life
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2000 3:36:37 PM #
I have owned two difernt models of Newton MessagePads- a 120 and a 2000. The 120 would last for about a month under normal usage on 4 AA batteries. The 2000 would last a couple of weeks if you used the backlighting a lot, or about the same as the 120 if you kept the backlighting turned off. The Palm should be about the same or even better.

The future is exciting!

Maven @ 4/26/2000 8:13:45 AM #
Did you know Nintendo is using the ARM processor in their new Gameboy Advance? Put this story together with the story of $99 Palms, and I think we see a huge market opening competing with handheld games. Sure, Palm has sold over 5 million units so far, but thats just a drop in the bucket to how many Gameboys are out there. Can you imagine Palm selling 25 MILLION units in the next few years? Imagine the number of developers giving us great software if they could get that kind of sales! I can't wait to see whats coming. -Maven

More Discussion

ed@palminfocenter.com @ 4/26/2000 3:40:24 PM #
If you are really interested in this, our friends over at SlashDot have been discussing it in great depth:

http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=00/04/25/1325250&mode=thread" CLASS=NEWS>http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=00/04/25/1325250&mode=thread



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