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# Date Title  
1 6/1/2010 Posthumous Foleo Blog Gets Underway
An enterprising Palm enthusiast has recently acquired a Palm Foleo and has started a blog to chronicle his impressions of the stillborn device. The blog is going by the moniker of IXLE Foleo and the…
2 8/8/2008 Hawkins Talks Netbooks in First Post Foleo Interview
The Investor's Business Daily newspaper has published one of the first interviews with Jeff Hawkins since the Foleo cancellation last year. In the article the IBD asks Hawkins about his views on the…
3 12/28/2007 Postmortem Palm Foleo Hands-On
They weren't too kind when it was still a living, breathing device – as a matter of fact they, along with the majority of the internet community, were downright scathing – but popular tech blog…
4 12/14/2007 Popular Mechanics Calls Foleo Biggest Tech Flop of '07
The end of the year brings about the usual "best of" and "worst of" lists. Venerable print publication Popular Mechanics has chimed in with an unlikely show of support for the now-cancelled Palm Foleo…
5 10/30/2007 Palm Says Foleo 2 Still on Track
According to the Wireless Week industry trade journal, a new version of the cancelled Foleo Mobile Companion running on Palm's next-generation Linux OS is still very much in Palm’s future product…
6 9/18/2007 DataViz on the Foleo Cancellation
DataViz CEO Dick Fontana has posted a (very) brief statement regarding the Foleo cancellation on their Office Mobility blog. In short, they're taking this one on the chin: "Palm has been a…
7 8/27/2007 More Details On Foleo Video Support
After a recent posting on his blog in which he stated he'd "been busy with a lot of detailed work on speeding up the video playback on the Foleo", Palm software developer Ben Combee has posted some…
8 8/24/2007 Palm Sticks to Foleo Summer Release Date
Palm is indirectly denying the latest rumor report that the Foleo's release date has been delayed. A Palm spokesperson has told PalmInfocenter that the company is still standing by its original…
9 8/19/2007 Pocket Tunes for Foleo Announced
In an announcement at San Francisco’s recent Linuxworld conference, longtime Palm OS developers Normsoft have revealed they are bringing their popular Pocket Tunes music player to the Palm Foleo. Mark…
10 8/14/2007 The Foleo Imbroglio Editorial
Ross Rubin, director of industry analysis for consumer technology at market research and analysis firm The NPD Group, has posted his latest weekly Engadget blog editorial article "Switched On". In…
11 8/10/2007 LinuxWorld Hands-On Foleo Demo Video  
12 8/9/2007 Foleo Release Date Sometime In September  
13 8/7/2007 Palm Teams with Wind River on Foleo Linux  
14 8/7/2007 LogMe to Release Remote Desktop Tool for Foleo  
15 7/23/2007 Foleo Processor Details Revealed?  
16 7/23/2007 TealPoint Announces Palm Foleo Software  
17 7/12/2007 Foleo News, Hawkins Interviews & Possible Release Date  
18 6/26/2007 Foleo VPN and Avvenu Service Announced  
19 6/19/2007 Hawkins Interview with Palm's Foleo Team  
20 6/18/2007 Palm Announces New Foleo PIM Software and Games  
21 6/1/2007 CNET Interview with Jeff Hawkins  

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