Palm Rings In New Year With 1,000th webOS App

Engadget for webOSHappy New Year! Taking a time out from fireworks and festivities, Palm has cleared an arbitrary numerical milestone: one thousand apps are now available in the (U.S.) webOS App Catalog. Not a bad number at all, especially considering that webOS devices have only been available to the public for six months. And, of course, that's not counting the numerous homebrew applications out there in the unofficial distribution channels...

So what was that thousandth app? No less than Engadget's new webOS app, a well-crafted little piece of software that lets you browse through the popular gadget blog with a flick and a swipe in a very mobile-friendly format.

Congratulations Palm - here's to thousands more apps in 2010!

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Great news but...

DarthRepublican @ 1/1/2010 10:39:22 AM # Q
...there are too many crap apps, like pretty much everything that Brighthouse Labs has ever put out, cluttering up the App Catalog.
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RE: Great news but...
LiveFaith @ 1/1/2010 4:24:26 PM # Q
I'm waiting on the WebOS mirror app before I'm stepping up to the platform. :-)

Remember those for the Pilot?
Pat Horne

RE: Great news but...
Tim Carroll @ 1/1/2010 4:44:52 PM # Q
^^ It's already there, Pat - but who needs it when you have one on the back of your Pre already? :p

Darth, I agree about the crap - check out "iBeer Free", for instance. Sometimes I think Palm let it in just to pump up their numbers...

RE: Great news but...
jca666us @ 1/2/2010 6:18:13 AM # Q
Crap apps in the app store?!?!?! Astonishment!!!

Palm keeps letting the crap in, it'll make the app store look that much better!

RE: Great news but...
BalBurgh @ 1/2/2010 8:40:26 AM # Q
Whoa, not so fast troops--I want that Zippo lighter app for my Pre ;-)
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Meanwhile Centro + all other PalmOS devices have been KILLED

Fake Jeff Hawkins @ 1/3/2010 9:45:51 PM # Q
Centro is officially DEAD. A few months ago I noticed the Centro was no longer on the main Palm homepage. You can still bring up the Centro page by doing a Google search but you can no longer order a Centro directly from Palm. For a while Palm was selling the unlocked GSM Centro for $200 (versus the ridiculous $400 they tried to sell the unlocked Sprint Centro for), but I hear they haven't had any Centros in stock for a couple of months now.

Before Christmas was selling unlocked white Centros for around $130 - which is a fair price if you're planning to stick with PalmOS - so I picked one up as a Christmas gift. I thought about getting another Centro as a backup for when my Treo dies, so I called Palm last week and found out that they actually stopped making Centros 6 MONTHS ago. Once the phones currently in the channel are used up, that's it. PalmOS is now abandonware.

WebOS is in its infancy, the Pre is a plasticy piece of crap, the Pixi is crippled, and the PalmOS emulator for WebOS creates more problems than it's worth. Unless you're a longtime PalmOS fan and have a significant investment in PalmOS apps then 2010 looks to be the year to walk away from Palm and move to a new platform.

If you can get a new in box Centro for $100 - $130, then it may be worth buying. Stay FAR away from used Centros from the likes of eBay, though.

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