OpenGL Demo'd On Palm Pre

OpenGL DemoSo much for "inching". It was always obvious that OpenGL support for the Pre was en route, but what was unexpected was that it would be up-and-running (courtesy, as usual, of the ever-amazing WebOS Internals group) so quickly. "bpadalino" gets the cred here, having whipped up a simple demo of a flat triangle with concentric circles, hypnotically and infinitely contracting inwards... ever-inwards... so sleepy...

Wait, where was I? Oh right. This is, of course, more proof that Palm is gearing up to announce proper GPU support for webOS apps - and it's about time, too. A video of the OpenGL demo is embedded after the break (with thanks to Max Kanter from The MxWeb). Alternatively, you can catch it on the WebOS Internals YouTube channel.

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