European webOS Adds Bluetooth Tethering

BluetoothWe may have discovered what that extra ".1" was in the recently-released webOS for Europe: the GSM Palm Pre now fully supports Bluetooth sharing of your 3G connection. Although Palm have yet to post the full changelog (at least so far as your correspondent can find) (update: full changelogs have been posted, and its looks like tethering is a German-only affair. No other changes to report from the previous 1.3.5 update), setting up tethering is simplicity itself - at least on Windows.

All you need to do is go to your Bluetooth settings card on the Pre and turn on Bluetooth, making it discoverable. Then pair your PC with the Pre, and join the newly-created Personal Area Network. Voila! You're now wirelessly connected to the cloud via your phone. Of course, it's not quite as cool as turning your Pre into a Wi-Fi hotspot - but it's certainly better than a slap in the face with a wet fish.

An unexciting screenshot is posted after the break.

Thanks to David Aurelio for the tip.

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