WebOS 2.1 Now Available for the Verizon Pre 2

webos updates Verizon Palm Pre 2 owners are currently letting out a collective sigh of relief as the WebOS 2.1 update for that device is starting to roll out as an OTA update. HP's new Veer 4G has been exclusive pre-installed home of WebOS 2.1 though the 2.1 has been available for unlocked and overseas GSM Pre 2's since March.

The main attractions of this latest OS update are definitely native Voice Dialing functionality and Exhibition mode, though HP has also added support for Bluetooth keyboards HID profiles and the usual performance, battery usage, and reliability tweaks.

With Verizon recently slashing Pre 2 prices to as low as $50 on a 2yr contract, the arrival of WebOS 2.1 is certain to keep this transitional device in the limelight a bit longer until the Pre3's arrival.

You can read my thoughts about the enhanced functionality of WebOS 2.1 in my extended Veer 4G review.

The full changelog in the Verizon Pre 2 is available here.

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