HP MovieStore Joins Kindle and 7digital Apps on WebOS

As HP prepares to rollout the substantial WebOS 3.0.2 for the TouchPad at the end of the month, a number of new services and apps are arriving in advance of the big update. Here's a roundup of the most notable of the most notable new media-related applications.

First off, we have HP's MovieStore video rental service available now in the App Catalog. Powered by RoxioNow, TouchPad customers in the U.S. have access to a number of recent film and Television shows for both purchase and rental. TouchPad users in countries outside the United States are directed to the Viewster app for their rental needs.

Music-wise, HP is currently promoting the 7digital MP3 app, though an HPPlay-branded cloud music service is expected to eventually arrive for WebOS users. The 7digital MP3 store offered DRM-free major music songs, since the WebOS version of the Amazon MP3 app is not currently available for the TouchPad but is expected soon.

Last week, Amazon's Kindle app for the TouchPad went live in beta form, albeit only for US users.

Finally, Palm's blog brings us word of the release of the eagerly-anticipated Spotify app for WebOS smartphones only. You will still need a Spotify invite in order to sign up for the service. TouchPad Spotify fans are unfortunately out of luck for the time being.

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