WebOS 3.0.2 Touchpad Update Slated for Release Today

After missing their self-imposed end of July deadline, HP's Vice President of Worldwide Developer Relations for WebOS, Richard Kerris, Tweeted this morning that the eagerly-awaited WebOS 3.0.2 update began its rollout sometime today, August 1st.

A quick perusal of various forums and Tweets online reveal that the OTA update has not yet begun rolling out and my review TouchPad still reports that it's up to date. However, a PreCentral forums post from MateoSolo had word from an anonymous HP insider with a minor bit of updated info. The rollout will now supposedly be launched around 3pm. The following change log was also mentioned in the post:

"AT 3:00 today we will release our OTA. (not sure if that is CST or PST or what, but it is today. It will address some of these along with anything else we may have done.
Notably, the OTA addresses the following major areas:

1. Email improvements, including faster scrolling and better image rendering

2. Photo and video app improvements, including full folder handling in photos, video names, ability to set wallpaper

3. Addition of clock and calculator

4. Autocorrect improvements in both speed and accuracy (will now correct contractions like "don't")

5. Better audio and video quality

6. Rotation fix for oversensitive rotation issues

7. Skype quality improvements

8. Now able to link straight from a web page to app catalog

9. Pivot downloads faster

10. Calendar improvements, including preventing the keyboard from covering global address lookup"

Thanks, PreCentral.

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Pretty Impressive for .0x

LiveFaith @ 8/1/2011 8:06:08 PM # Q
That's pretty Impressive for a .0x update. Wow, imagine what we would see in v3.1. Full file server capability?

Seriously, looks like this is where HP was aiming on Feb 9, but could not get there by release date. The question is, if this update really does what it says, should they have waited to release? This could address some of the reviewer negativity and ultimately sold more units until now and for months as people read CNet and Engadget reviews all the way till Christmas. 99% cannot be bothered to update the reviews. Only nerds like us will realize the improvements over the original.

Nervertheless, this is an impressive bump. Would be interested to see a comparison from those who have upgraded.
Pat Horne

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