HP lowers TouchPricing permanently by $100

hp touchpad price Concluding a wild pricing ride since its July 1st launch, HP has now lowered the official MSRP of both TouchPad models in the United States by $100. Effective August 10th, the new entry-level price of the 16Gb wi-fi version is now $399.99 and the 32GB version is now $499.99. Some retailers are already undercutting that amount, especially on the entry-level 16Gb version, bring it to pricing parity or even undercutting comparable Android-based tablets.

In addition, HP is attempting smooth over any ruffled feathers amongst their early adopter customers by offering users a $50 App Catalog credit for use with apps. Anyone who purchased a TouchPad from an authorized retailer between July 1st and August 4th (pre-orders included) in the US, Canada or Europe will automatically a $50 promotional code to spend on any assortment of apps of their choice. The $50 cannot be used for accessory or hardware purchases. The $50 is valid until December 31st 2011.

Also, PreCentral offered some clarification today on the app offer, stating that retailers such as QVC who gave their customers a cash refund on their TouchPad purchase price are not "qualified". Any users who have not yet received the credit will need to contact HP Support with their proof of purchase and WebOS account info.

The full text of the price reduction announcement from HP's Stephen DiFranco can be found here.

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