AT&T Cancels Pre 3 for USA

HP Palm Pre 3 Unsurprisingly, AT&T, HP's strongest carrier partner up until last week's announcement, has pulled the plug on the Pre 3 smartphone just as that device began hitting the market in Europe. WebOSRoundup received a leaked email from AT&T dated August 19th indicating that the Pre 3 launch and all subsequent orders are cancelled.

No word as of yet on the status of the status of the upcoming TouchPad 4G on AT&T but it will presumably not see the light of day either. If it does, it will likely be sold without any carrier support, marketing, or endorsements. As of this writing, AT&T is still officially selling the Pixi Plus and Veer 4G for "free" on a 2year contract online and in-stores, though there's no assurance these devices will last much longer, especially with unlocked Veer handsets already having been blown out by HP last Friday night for a mere $50.

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