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Details of the Visor MP3 springboard can be found Here Thanks to the anonymous person who alerted me to that. It's a 64 meg module that will also record voice notes expect it in early 2000. Here's a link to some video clips of the Visor in action from ABC news last night. ZDNet also has some more Visor reviews. There's also a reference to the Lego robots controlled by Palms on HandSpring's site The original story on that is here. Update: word on the street is that you can call this #888-565-9393 to order a Visor.

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I.M. Anonymous @ 9/14/1999 6:35:06 PM #
I'd like to draw attention to the horrible English grammar in your copy. You should know that in English the plural form of a noun is usually contructed by appending an 'S' to the word in question, WITHOUT AN APOSTROPHE. So it's "palms", not "palm's". We reserve the apostrophe for possessive forms and for contractions of the copula, "is". Also you want to say "there HAVEN'T been any comments yet".


I.M. Anonymous @ 9/14/1999 7:02:19 PM #
Good lord, who cares. He got his message across,
right? What's more important, the message, or the


@tomic212 @ 9/14/1999 7:19:58 PM #
I'm sorry if my grammar offended you. Thanks for the correction's Professor Anonymous. When your in a rush to get the news out sometimes you overlook stuff like that. I try to run my copy through a spelling & grammar check sometimes, but lord knows how accurate they are. jezz....
RE: Grammar
Maven @ 9/14/1999 8:48:23 PM #
Ok, I gotta get in on this:

"correction's" shouldn't have the apostrophe,
"When your in a rush" should be "When you're in a rush", or if you are REALLY stiff, "When you are in a rush",
"lord" should be capitalized, .... oh yeah, and
"jezz" should be "jeez"!
Now thes was reelly funn, and I no I feeel beter now.
(Sorry, couldn't resist!)

RE: Grammar
@tomic212 @ 9/14/1999 9:07:27 PM #
OK, OK, I get the point. I'm going to enroll in the next grammar class I can find.
RE: Grammar
Anna Nymous @ 9/15/1999 1:00:06 AM #
You should consider to make the site in REALAUDIO to avoid the grammar issue!

Back to the story...

Kip @ 9/14/1999 10:04:09 PM #
Word is right, I already placed my order and they were rather cheerful about it and asked me if I had signed up for the electronic newsletter yet. (I had about 15 minutes before I called.)

They also made sure to ask me which operating systems I would be using the Visor with and when I replied Linux and WinNT Workstation, she noted that I would need a serial cradle to go with my Visor Deluxe with the Ice color cover. WinNT doesn't support USB, have to wait for Windows 2000.

They're on the ball. :)

RE: Back to the story...
Anna Nymous @ 9/15/1999 12:56:38 AM #
Did you call them on #888-565-9393 ? How about shipping charges? Do they quote those?
WIN2k USB support
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/15/1999 2:44:23 PM #
Just a quick note. I'm running win2k RC2 on my laptop and the USB support is phenomenal. I've been able to plug/unplug USB zip devices while they were reading without freaking it out!


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