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Well what should today's topic be? More HandSpring links...
Here's an article by ZDNet on MS and other PDA makers reactions. This PCWorld article glorifies the Visor over Palms. Here's a Wired article entitled Is Palm losing Its Grip? And finally, All hail Visor: Palm's Savior. Oh, and here's another good CNN article on Springboards.

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Just curious...

Brick @ 9/15/1999 6:06:03 PM #
Why do all of the news sites state that Handspring will only be taking orders via the web at first, even though the unofficial word is that they ARE taking phone orders?
RE: Just curious...
@tomic212 @ 9/15/1999 11:18:33 PM #
It was thought that HandSpring would really be pushing on-line ordering when the visor came out.
A few ZDNet articles and others claimed that the visor would be sold on-line this Tuesday. Well at least not yet and they won't even ship until October. There was another article claiming that the visor was in very limited production.
RE: Just curious...
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/17/1999 10:53:02 AM #
The telephone order desk is open. I only hope they were correct when they indicated that they worked with NT.

There is always something missing

cj@dissol.com @ 9/20/1999 6:26:05 PM #
The Palm V has been out on the market for a long time. I think the success of the Palm V is contributed to its sleek exterior design, improved screen, and rechargable lithium ion battery. Why couldn't Handspring learn from that and design a Visor with rechargable lithium ion that is comparable with Palm V????
RE: There is always something missing
mchiqui @ 9/25/1999 12:18:44 PM #
Just because Handspring came out with something that appears to be better or comparable to the Palm V doesn't mean they aren't looking for marketshare. If their first model had EVERYTHING that the Palm V has what would they be able to offer the Christmas crowd?


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