New Palm Vx details has an article on the PalmVx. Sources close to Palm Computing say that it will be released on October 4th. The Vx will have the same features as the V, but with 8MB of RAM at a price of $449. Palm will also enact some price cuts on it's other models. The Palm V is expected to drop to $399 and the Palm IIIx to $299.

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Yeah, Palm

FireMage @ 9/16/1999 12:29:14 AM #
If palm even thinks they can sell many 5x's (or 3's or 3x's, or 3se's for that matter) in light of the handspring Visor announcement, They're gonna be really surprised. Sure, the 5 will always have the status-symbol I-paid-more-than-you-so-I'm-better status that magizines like Hamakerschlemer and Sharper image live off (as well as certain auto makers), But as far as actaul useful cost effective technology goes, Palm's gonna have to either do better or accept their status as a software only company. I mean, Symbol and Handspring both offer more functionality than the Palms, and the IBM Palm clones look _much_ cooler in black as far as the corparate market goes.

and yes, I do own a IBM Workpad 20X

Palm Vx

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/16/1999 10:07:48 AM #
Great, I spend $450 on a Palm V w/2MB of memory and now they come out with a 8MB model. Isn't wonderful how hardware vendors always make you chase a moving target? Nothing like staging your product line to boost revenue, huh? Give us a break 3-Com!!!
RE: Palm Vx
4s-ter @ 9/24/1999 4:23:59 PM #
You might want to check out the following url:

It might be of some help to you.

I don't think it is true!

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/16/1999 12:53:18 PM #
This move doesn't make any sense! Therefore I do not think it is true that Palm will release a Vx in October. At least not at that price. They know they need to compete with Handspring on this level now. They are not going to just release a more expensive item without anything comparable to the new Handspring features included in the device. Remember, the person that wrote that article didn't exactly have things straight when the original Palm V was introduced. She claimed that it would have a color display and 4MB of RAM. See for yourself at ""

Palm Vx - PalmOS improvements ?

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/17/1999 1:11:12 PM #
May be they will release it with some PalmOS improvements ? palmOS 3 is the realy great thing now for more than 1 year but today it seems to be ageing very fast.
RE: Palm Vx - PalmOS improvements ?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/19/1999 12:01:37 PM #
Palm Vx ships with PalmOS 3.3 ... there are some changes ... :)

Could anyone use a Vx ROM?

Comfortable, Confident, & Complacent

Ajjra @ 9/20/1999 11:22:05 AM #
3Com is suffering from the 3 C's: Comfortable, Confident, & Complacent. The devices may have the market share but 3Com had better make some serious improvements from a hardware standpoint and do it at an affordable price. I'll be impressed with a faster processor, more expandability, a color screen and keep it the size of a Palm V.


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