New Software: Palm Terminal, Peacemaker, Shadowpack

Palm Terminal: IBM alphaWorks download
Palm Terminal (PTerm) is a framework for easy creation of custom mobile computing solutions. The basic idea behind the system is to use palmtop devices as a display terminal for applications running at remote desktop computers. A special hub (proxy server), capable of communicating with applications on one hand (e.g. via LAN) and with palmtop terminals on other hand (e.g. via wireless modem), provides the connection between the two. Download Palm Terminal for free from IBM alphaWorks. -Jeff Condon

Share data on multiple PDA Platforms
Peacemaker enables Pocket PC users to beam information to and from a wide range of PDA devices. -Athan

Shadowpack Launches First Enhanced Wireless Environment To Improve Usability of Wireless Web
Shadowpack Inc., creator of the first enhanced wireless environment, today launched Shadowpack 1.0, a free service that increases the functionality of wireless devices - including smart phones, communicating personal digital assistants (PDAs) and two-way pagers. Through Shadowpack, users can engage in personalized wireless experiences that offer unprecedented efficiency and unique capabilities, enhancing interactions from wireless devices.

Users can register for the free service on their wireless devices at or from the Web at

Shadowpack gives users access to content and services found on any Web or Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) site, including those authored in HDML, WML, and even HTML. Information obtained on a device can be sent to family, friends, colleagues or a user's own email account, giving wireless users the ability to share Web content for the first time. In addition, Shadowpack provides a "Delivery" function that allows content to be delivered to coincide with the user's schedule or regular activities. -Tony Castillo

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re: myYahoo movies

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/27/2000 8:21:02 AM #
I've got the Yahoo movie module set up, but all I get on my Palm is the names of the theatres! Where do I go to find out how to make this feature work?


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