Rumor: Nokia Phone w/ Palm OS Expected Before 2001

Nokia, the Finnish company better known for its colorful, inexpensive cell phones with changeable face plates that are popular with teenagers, is expected to release a cell phone running the Palm OS by the end of this year. Nokia signed a licencing agreement with Palm back in March.

Qualcomm pdQ
No details of the device are available but a few educated guesses can be made. At this time, the Palm OS will only support screens with 160x160 pixels. No matter how large or small the screen is, it is still only 160x160 pixels. Therefore, if the Nokia hybrid device is going to run OS 3.5 it will have to give up the tiny screens most cell phones now sport. On the other hand, Palm OS 4 is rumored to support multiple screen resolutions but cramming the Palm OS and PIM apps into a postage-stamp screen seems pointless.

Considering Nokia is a European company, the phone will almost certainly use GSM, which is bad news to many American users as most wireless ISPs in the U.S. use another "standard".

The biggest problem this device is likely to face is that it will almost certainly be much larger than a regular cell phone. Therefore, it will be referred to as "huge" and "brick-like" when placed next to a super-slim cell phone. The critics will ignore the fact that it will still be much smaller than carrying around both a handheld and a phone. This was the most frequent complaint about the Qualcomm pdQ 1900. Unfortunately, the pdQ also suffered from a short battery life and a high price.

Nokia's plans to release this product in Europe make sense, where the wireless Web is already catching on. Surfing the Internet without wires still hasn't really taken off in the U.S., as a new Forrester Research report indicates.

What do you think of the Nokia Phone/Palm hybrid? Is it the product you've been hoping for or would you rather have a Palm Vx and OmniSky? Give us your comments below.

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Palm-phone... why not an earpiece?

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/29/2000 10:23:24 AM #
Why are all these companies stuck on the traditional telephone handset design? You can't possibly use it as a PDA if it's stuck to your ear! I would like to see a Palm compatible device with a slim profile and a built in wireless modem that would also act as a phone by simply plugging in an earpiece or headset. It would act as a PDA, texting-beeper, phone, fax, Web pad, and mp3 internet radio walkman.. all simultaneously.

With IR and bluetooth hotsynch capability.

RE: Palm-phone... why not an earpiece?
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/31/2000 12:37:01 AM #
It looks like a GSM add-on for the Palm V is on it's way!!!


RE: Palm-phone... why not an earpiece?
J.Z. @ 7/31/2000 3:25:02 AM #
I would like to see a real integration of Blue Tooth. I can imagine a combination with a blue tooth GSM phone and a wireless communication for my Palm. Then I only need to have my phone somewhere close, I have a wireless earpiece and use my Palm as phonemanager. No more cables and no pointing as with IRDA. Hope to see it in the near future. Ericsson is already demonstrating blue toohth phones, see their website.
RE: Palm-phone... why not an earpiece?
J.Z. @ 7/31/2000 3:25:02 AM #
I would like to see a real integration of Blue Tooth. I can imagine a combination with a blue tooth GSM phone and a wireless communication for my Palm. Then I only need to have my phone somewhere close, I have a wireless earpiece and use my Palm as phonemanager. No more cables and no pointing as with IRDA. Hope to see it in the near future. Ericsson is already demonstrating blue toohth phones, see their website.
whoa, i agree! the Palm needs a earset!
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/9/2000 6:36:25 PM #
that would be a great idea, i hope one of these companies figure that out too.
Backward Compability Option
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2000 2:07:59 PM #
Hi there!
The above sounds great! Heres my 2 cts worth.

Backward compatibility to existing Palms may be helpful. So based on this, a snap-on device (ala Palm modem) with phone circuitry, modem and sound chip to boot might do the trick. For the time being on GSM standard but future flash upgradeable for 3G. All software controlled from the Palm interface and integrated with Address Book and Mail for voicemail capability.

With 3G of course comes the possibility of Video calls (ummm need to have a built-in camera too somewhere). And of course bluetooth earpiece (ala ericsson model).

will nokia be able to squeeze all these goodies in?
Maybe they didnt need to licence PalmOS after all...


Steve Smith @ 7/29/2000 11:14:23 AM #
With living in UK this sounded interesting at first, but after considering it for a while I decided that I probably will not be buying the new Nokia when it is released. Everyone over here has been going WAP crazy recently, but now coming to the conclusion that it is an over hyped, limited service. I would much rather have full mobile web access rather than a cut down WAP service. For a mobile phone to give a decent internet experience it is going to be huge, as Ed said. It's much easier to carry two smaller devices than one larger one, so I'll be sticking with the Vx and Nokia 8210 for my wireless access.


I.M. Anonymous @ 7/29/2000 4:24:28 PM #
Hope Ericsson's Quartz becomes available real soon. However, I don't mind toting around a mobile phone (T28) and a Palm Vx for wireless web access, since having both a phone and a PDA is becoming common.

RE: Quartz
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/30/2000 1:06:51 PM #
Is there any cable to connect Palm Vx with T28?

Best Regards,

RE: Quartz
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/30/2000 3:42:18 PM #
there might be, but all i know of is a little thingy u clip onto the T28 (IR and Modem. I think its caled DI 28 or somthing like that..." CLASS=NEWS TARGET=_NEW>
RE: Quartz
yeah @ 7/30/2000 5:13:31 PM #

If you prefer cable, might have something for you. However, if you prefer IR (I do), then you need to attach the DI28 IR add-on to the T28. Figured the DI28 is smaller than the cable thingy, so I went for IR instead.

My Sentiments Exactly

Cyborg3000 @ 7/29/2000 4:44:21 PM #
At first I thought this was a really awesome product, but as with the others, I'd much rather carry around my Qualcomm Thin Phone and a Palm V!

How About a Click-On

PalmPup @ 7/30/2000 12:35:57 AM #
I would like to see a click-on phone device that uses the Palm as its "brain". I'm REALLY surprised this hasn't been created and released before now!!! Doesn't this make sense?
RE: How About a Click-On
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/16/2001 7:03:20 PM #


Nokia VIP @ 7/30/2000 1:09:07 AM #
期待. :-)

Wait 'til 3G @ 7/30/2000 5:13:35 AM #
I think such a phone would be a great idea, but I can't see myself browsing with AvantGo at 9.6k... When 3G brings more decent speeds, though, count me in...
RE: Wait 'til 3G
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/1/2000 11:54:55 AM #
AvantGo browsing speed is limited to wireless data connection speeds. Just wanted to clarify.

[ No Subject ]

charli marciano @ 7/30/2000 9:47:03 PM #
i rather the palm vx with omnisky moodem.

Rumor about Nokia phone

Regis @ 7/31/2000 8:18:02 AM #
I just read your article and cannot refrain from replying. Why are you writing such articles. Everything is pure speculation (and - worse - most of the content is completely wrong). Let me detail:
- How could you say "before 2001" ? What are your sources ?
- Your comment about this device being "GSM" is once again pure speculation.
- I cannot imagine what could let you announce that PalmOS 4.0 will support or not multiple screen sizes.
- You do not know anything about the device, so how could you announce it will look like a brick. I am sure you did not even talk to someone working on this project. Actually you will be very surprised by the device. Comparing this device to a PqQ is completely wrong.

Are you doing some astrology to make your "educated" guesses :-) ?

Anyway, regards,

Re: Rumor about Nokia phone
Ed @ 7/31/2000 9:20:07 AM #
The article is clearly labeled "rumor". The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language: Third Edition defines a rumor to be, "Unverified information of uncertain origin usually spread by word of mouth; hearsay."

Many of our readers are interested to hear what rumors are floating around about the Palm. You are obviously not one of these people. We here at the Palm InfoCenter always make a point of clearly labeling what is rumor and speculation. In the future, I suggest you not read any of these articles.

As for my speculation, I stand by it. It is all logical based on the current, albeit incomplete, information. If you draw different conclusions from the same information, that is your right.

I'll answer your questions where I can. The fact that Nokia has licensed the Palm OS is public knowledge and they have announced several times they will be releasing a line of high end phone before the end of the year. You can find a reference to it here:

The change is screen resolution for OS 4 is just part of the rumors circulating about Palm's next OS. You will notice I have clearly labeled this a rumor in the article, "Palm OS 4 is rumored to support multiple screen resolutions".

I did not say it would "look like a brick", I said, "it will almost certainly be much larger than a regular cell phone." Looking at the current Nokia cell phones, you see that all the ones I could find are less (some much less) than 2 inches wide, while the screen on the Palm Vx is 3.2 inches wide. Unless the screen resolution on the Nokia hybrid is going to be completely different, it will have to be about twice as wide as a current Nokia cell phone to fit the screen in.

As to whether the Palm InfoCenter should be running rumors or speculation at all, that is an Editorial decision made the creators of the site. We are attempting to serve the largest number of our readers in the best way possible. If you disagree with our decisions, that is your right but please don't confuse what is best for you with what is best for everyone.

RE: Rumor about Nokia phone
Regis @ 8/1/2000 3:55:43 AM #
But a rumor should also contain at least a small piece of relevant information even if unverified. It cannot be PURE 100% speculation. I would suggest in that case to label your article:
"Speculation about Nokia phone"
because there is absolutely nothing "floating" around Palm or Nokia about the kind of device, the size it will be (and for your understanding, check your dictionary about the word "pitch" and you will see that even 160*160 can give different screen sizes).

I am not discussing at all about editorial decisions here but I cannot let someone tell to their readers, especially when the site is used to be quite accurate, with readers kind of trusting them, without replying. That's it. That's simple. And in that case, I would say that your comment "please don't confuse what is best for you with what is best for everyone." is much more applying to you than to me, considering your position with the responsibilities attached to it.


RE: Rumor about Nokia phone
Give me a break @ 8/1/2000 10:50:35 AM #
Nerd fight,nerd fight!!Some peolpe really take this stuff to seriously. How can you get upset? Don't be such a dork!

Palm & cell

Kuzelnik @ 7/31/2000 8:34:42 AM #
My Motorola lasts for 3 days without a charge and my Palm Vx lasts for almost 3 weeks! Is this really a thoughtful merging of the two technologies?? Not just with the size--but battery life?

The earpiece is more appropriate and functional . . . add on-screen dialing . . . even direct from my contact database . . .

OH . and keep it GSM only . . . finally America will have to conform to the rest of the world instead of vice-versa . . . it's about time. . ..


rob @ 7/31/2000 4:02:34 PM #

with Deutsche telecoms announced merger deal with
the USA's GSM carrier VoiceStream. the world standard
will be the outstanding GSM technology that most of
europe enjoys. Although they will have to fix the
issue of having several GSM frequencies 800 900 & 1900
mhz respetivley. Deutsche telecom is a major player
in the field of wireless data transmission and will
need to speed up VoiceStreams capabilities.
RE: gsm
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/9/2001 5:54:54 PM #
I totally agree. I live in Canada, and I opted for the smaller, less coverage GSM provider instead of the more widely accepted CDMA system. GSM is a much better standard than CDMA, and I'm sick of consumers picking the lousy standards instead of the good ones. If Nokia made a Palm OS device in GSM 1900 that still worked well as a phone, I would buy one. As for the two small versus one large argument, I don't carry a briefcase or anything like that - all this gear does in my pockets or on my belt, so the fewer bits, the better. I don't want to have to wear a duty belt full of electronics everywhere I go, so having an all in one is a nice idea. Handspring already has a nice GSM phone for their handhelds, but I don't really like it's form factor. Otherwise, it's great.

[ No Subject ]

J. Griffin @ 8/1/2000 8:32:31 AM #
Just give me a phone that will work in the undergound parking garages!!! I'll keep my Palm V for everything else.

[ No Subject ]

Ed Pereira @ 8/1/2000 10:02:41 AM #
Omnyski or other wireless modem is a better solution


I.M. Anonymous @ 8/1/2000 11:47:45 AM #
Omnisky coverage is not what it should be. Just try using it in between San Francisco and San Jose (the Industry Standard has even commented on this).

The real device that appears to be the best combination of phone and PDA will probably come from Ericsson. In their future product designs they had a phone/PDA combo unit that was about the size of a Palm V without the hard buttons on the end. To communicate, you use a wireless earbud that is connected a la Bluetooth. The Screen can stay on your belt or in your hand while you use the phone.

As hands-free devices become more and more popular, you can see how this would provide the best of both worlds.

[ No Subject ]

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/14/2000 8:06:31 PM #
why dont you qive us some articlss that are useul o us

drd @ 8/18/2000 2:17:59 PM #
Nokia has already their 9000/91x0 series which uses GEOS
operating system and is pretty popular among business users.
This device was introduced (9000) in mid-90s. Latest 9110i
supports WAP, etc.. But since the GEOS is rare operating system,manufacturers have plans to use Palm or Symbian (EPOC32) -- Actually
the Symbian company is owned by Psion, Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola and
Matsushita == almost 85% of world's cell phone markets.

And yes, GSM is the _only_ standard in the world. There is not
a single "standard" except GSM that works on all continents. Basically,
if looked at the number of cell phone users, only place with any
meaning to markets that does NOT use GSM900/1800 standard at all,
is U.S.

If any of you has seen any mobile phone future prototypes,
brainstormdesigns, you have noticed that cell phones don't even have
number buttons in the future -- just a stylish touch screen.
3G comes and video and audio are the main uses of these "wireless
devices" (cellphone and pda are both wrong terms in here) if operators
understand how to set the fees nicely (flat fee..).

re: earpiece phone

na @ 8/28/2000 5:22:56 PM #
What you described (phug in ear phone, MP3 player, cell phone with microphone) is EXACTLY what the Visor line from Handspring was designed for. Handspring's PDAs already have built in microphones, and Wireless internet springboard modules are under development! Soon there WILL be a clip on phone for the Visor.. Stay tuned at

Palm phone

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/28/2000 4:54:26 AM #
yes. it will be a big step if any vendor can launch it, a Palm phone.

Wireless earbud

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/15/2001 3:47:35 PM #
New company Voice and Wirless Corp. is coming out with a wireless earbud. Buy low 1.40 a share VWLC. In production coming out real soon.

Nolia/Palm phone

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/8/2001 8:29:38 AM #
This is a very good idea. i am a total palm nutter. i find that the only problem in teh UK. is that datacalls get charged as phonecalls. so its rather expensice. so thats only leaves saturady and sundays on BTCellnet. i would love to have one of these phones. if only call charges were lowered for datacalls.

Overall the palm phone is one of the best ideas since sliced bread

nokia w/palm

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/14/2002 10:40:28 PM #
What does the phone looks like?
How much??

RE: nokia w/palm
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/15/2002 4:36:48 AM #
Look at the story, it was posted in 2000, and in 2001 Nokia released some EPOC phones, so guess what that so called palm OS phone's probably some miss understanding. And don't worry you'll never see that nokia Palm phone ever



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