Palm V for $299

Thanks to Teet0 for letting us know that is offering the Palm V for US $299 (After Rebate of course). But it ends on September 24th so hurry over there and get one! On another shopping note, The Matrix is out on DVD today.

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Comparison Shopping vs Rebate Interest

PalmCrazy @ 9/21/1999 12:58:54 AM # is usally way too expensive, but this sounds like a good deal. It's usually +90 days before rebate money is sent. They make their money back by holding onto the rebate money for as long as they can.

Palm V Prices

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/21/1999 11:37:19 AM #
Could this be a hint of a new Palm on the very near Horizon?

Palm V Prices

MattP @ 9/21/1999 3:15:30 PM #
If the Palm Vx is going to come out in 2 weeks and drop the Palm V price by @ $50, and the current Palm V retail (besides is about $340, won't the palm V price drop even lower than $299 very quickly? Any thoughts on this?

Palm V for $249 at

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/29/1999 11:44:12 PM # has a $100 rebate going on ($100 free value-dollars)
which allows you to get the Palm V for $249. Not bad. I've ordered.


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