NSI email breech discovered with a Palm

It was announced earlier this week that Network Solutions dotcomnow email server had been easily breeched. With all the recent buzz about web and webmail security this is a big deal. This news was featured on SecuriTeam, Slashdot and 2600. What these sites did not mention was that this hole was discoved by, regular PalmInfocenter contributor, Palmcrazy, using a Proxiweb browser on a PalmIII with a MinstrelPlus CDPD wireless modem. Palms can now be used as a security tool.

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NSI email breech discovered with a Palm

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/22/1999 10:05:16 AM #
I love it, you could rule the world with a PDA. There's either a great movie or novel using this as a theme or a whole month of Dilberts with Dogbert, creating havoc with his palm

More on the breech

@tomic212 @ 9/22/1999 10:47:36 AM #
See this http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=99/09/20/0915244&cid=81 class=news>comment on Slashdot from PalmCrazy.


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