Another Gameboy EMU

I just noticed this Gameboy EMU on PalmGear today. This is not the one Maven is working on. It appears to be a very early and crude test. Proceed with caution, the version number listed is 0.001. There's more info on the developers homepage. Looks like it will only run on POSE.

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I.M. Anonymous @ 9/28/1999 2:19:38 PM #
>Looks like it will only run on POSE.
Wrong idea. Runs on a real hardware also. A little bit faster ;) Why not to try before posting...
RE: GameboyEMU
@tomic212 @ 9/28/1999 3:22:13 PM #
I was just speculating... I didn't want to guinea pig my palm. It only runs a "demo" anyway.

Runs more than just demos?

Maven @ 9/28/1999 4:51:37 PM #
I don't see why this emulator wouldn't run more than just a demo at this point. It looks like it's probably completely capable of running a full program - without any controls, of course. The real problem here is SPEED... it's just not going to work until we get much faster Palms.


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